Lip Stain vs Lipstick

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Some time ago, all we have to color our lips were just lipsticks. Today, some people – especially the men – still think that there are just lipsticks on the market. However, you may have heard quite some about lip balms, lip glosses, and lip stains. These are different products from lipsticks.

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Perhaps the two kinds of products the most difficult to distinguish are lip stains and lipsticks. They both function to color your lip, for sure. However, they each possesses unique properties. What are the differences between a lip stain and a lipstick? Which one will suit you best?

Lip Stain

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A lip stain is a lip dye that comes in a form of liquid or water-based gel. It may come in a bottle, tube, or jar, with inbuilt means of application, either a small roll mechanism, a felt tip, a brush, or an applicator wand with a sponge tip. So, you paint the lip stain on your lips. It will then dry out on your lips.


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A typical lipstick comes in a solid waxy block, though it can come in a palette as well. The product is applied by running the stick over your lips, or by using a lip brush. A lipstick is made of pigments that are put into waxes and oils, plus lip-softening emollients.

Lip Stain vs Lipstick

Lip StainLipstick
- Usually comes in the form of liquid or water-based gel- Usually comes as a solid waxy block, may come in the form of palette
- Applied with a small roll mechanism, a felt tip, a brush, or an applicator wand- Applied by running the stick across the lips or using a lip brush
- Tends to cause a drying effect, and may need a moisturizing balm to help- Has a moisturizing effect on the lips
- The color can last very long, about 24 hours, with a single application- The color may rub off, and may require reapplication
- Doesn’t leave marks- Tends to leave lipstick marks

See the differences between Lip Stain vs Lipstick on pictures :

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So, if you want to color your lips without leaving ridiculous marks everywhere, lip stain should be your choice. However, if your lips tend to be dry, then lipstick may help you in keeping them moisturized.