Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool

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If you want to get a multi-tool, then you need to consider this two products. The Leatherman have proven us to be a safe and affordable product. Leatherman is known as the company which emphasizes the quality but not forgetting the price. They usually simplify their products in many creative ways while maintaining its quality. Both that we would like to compare are the Wingman and Skeletool. If the Wingman is more about the quality of the tools, then Skeletool offers you the simple product with small appearance but with the unique design. So without further halt, let’s see the comparison.

Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool

Wingman provides you with many unique characteristics. You will find the big blade and scissors at the start. This big blade is really rare for multi-tools and Wingman probably have the largest blade in the Leatherman products so far. From the design aspect, you will find the futuristic and asymmetrical shape. Even though the blade are massive, but you can put it out and in easily. This ability is one of the vital factors why Wingman has become so popular. Another thing like the pants pocket feature also made Wingman quite attractive for many customers. (Have a look : Leatherman Wingman vs Gerber Suspension)

On the other hand, Skeletool is considered as small or pocket multi-tool with only 4” long. It doesn’t have too many tools and features. Skeletool is not really suitable for the condition where you need many types of equipment. It suits the situation where you can bring it along anywhere and every time. Leatherman gives Skeletool a nice pair of modified needle-nosed pliers, a main blade, and a bit holder with two included double-tipped bits. The other features are the carabineer loop, can opener, and removable pocket clip.

At first sight, Skeletool is quite attractive, because of its skeletal frame design with the pocket clip curves which is matching the frame. But in overall performance, the Wingman is on the entire different level from Skeletool. The blade, scissors, the folding pliers, and other features are more powerful on the Wingman side. Even though Skeletool lacks in quality, but Skeletool is still acceptable as a multi-tool, not as the full-sized tools, but more into carried-tools. If you have a travel bag or space for this item, then you can try to put it in.

- The knife blade on the Sidekick locks into place when fully deployed
- Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters
- The Wave features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position
- Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Cutters, 420HC Combo Knife
- The Skeletool features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position
- Every feature on the Skeletool can be opened and operated with one hand

Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool
Skeletool and Wingman are entirely different one another. Though, they are the same multi-tools but noted that Wingman is more than enough when doing your work. But that doesn’t mean that Skeletool is bad because you need to consider the condition. You can optimize your job with Skeletool with small daily basis, but if you need a complete one, then Wingman is the answer.