Leatherman Wingman vs Gerber Suspension

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If you want to get a high-quality multi-tools, then must try these two products. Both are extremely good for many purposes. Imagine that you can have many tools in one simple item. Maybe the price of this multi-tool can be quite high, but the efficiency it gives is massive. Then if you want to try multi-tools, you most likely have to get these two products, the first one is Leatherman Wingman, and the other is Gerber Suspension. Leatherman always loves to produce a newly designed tool with many functions like Wingman. Wingman is lightweight, stainless steel, and pocket-sized tool. It is easy to be used and have a good overall design. On the same page, we have Gerber Suspension with solid and balisong style. Gerber Suspension is different from other because it is folding open to reveal the pliers. Just for note, Gerber Suspension is the upgrade version from Gerber Multi-Lier 600, so this item is invented with the generation which makes it more promising than a newly made product. So without further halt, let’s proceed to the explanation.

Leatherman Wingman vs Gerber Suspension

Shape and construction quality
Unlike any other multi-tools, Wingman has many unique characteristics. Your first sight maybe will be pointed toward the big size blade and scissor which is probably the biggest in its class. In the design aspect, Wingman takes part in the futuristic and asymmetrical shape. It also has a clear fingertips slots which ease the way you grasp it. Even though the blade and scissors are massive but it still covered up perfectly, so you can’t see it directly in full shape. The scissor and main blade itself can be put out without folding the pliers. You will find it easy to adapting with Wingman because of its pants pocket features which benefit the users that often use a pocket knife in their pants pocket. And similar to other multi-tools Wingman is also pretty much long-lasting if you take a good care of it. On the other side, Gerber Suspension is a user-friendly tool. It is because Gerber’s tools are accessible without deploying the pliers. It also has a one-handed deployment for its main blade. A smooth one-handed deployment will save most of your time and effort. The overall durability is more or less the same like Wingman which is pretty durable.

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Wingman’s central power is located in its big primary knife and scissor. It has become a habit that the grade of the multi-tools like this is usually taken from its overall standard of knife and scissor. One that becomes the most vital one is the main knife and scissor which is exploited perfectly by Leatherman Wingman. Noted that, big sizes thing usually will prevent a smooth movement from the tool, but not with Wingman. Even though of its big size, you will find it easy to put it open and close it again in a matter of second. On the other side, Gerber offers less attracting features in it but cover it with its suspension. Gerber has a stable suspension which can be said as exploding suspension because of its unusual characteristic. After that, Gerber also has standard pliers and wire cutter which is built pretty well. On the knife aspect, Gerber uses a pressed-in, cast metal thumb to help you open and close the blades easier. Although if you compare the sizes and efficiency, Wingman has the upper hand in this.

- LOCKING BLADE: The knife blade on the Sidekick locks into place when fully deployed
- FEATURING 14 TOOLS: Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters
- Outside- accessible tools
- One tool a couple thousand uses
- 14 fully locking tools in one multitool
- Components include needlenose pliers, wire tools, cutting tools, screwdrivers, and more
- One-handed opening pliers with a flick of the wrist
- Black oxide coated stainless steel handle

Leatherman Wingman vs Gerber Suspension
Gerber is a really good product in the overall aspect. The addition of great suspension makes Gerber have more efficient movement than other multi-tools. But if you compare it with Wingman, Gerber lacks in the pliers and its knife which are important aspects for multi-tools. So both Gerber Suspension and Leatherman Wingman can be said on the same par, but Wingman is slightly better than Gerber.