Leatherman Wingman Review: Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

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One of the most useful resources when venturing outdoors is the multi-tool. Are you looking for the best multi-tools that you have searched on your entire life? Of course, there are many types of multi-tools in the market today. However, one particular brand stands out when it comes to multi-tools: Leatherman. Leatherman’s Wingman tool is an out-of-the-park swing at their competitors that are offering “budget” multi-tools. Leatherman brought their long lineage to a less expensive offering. Is Leatherman Wingman is the best one among others? What are the reasons behind the claims? We already put it into paragraphs of review about Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool and Stainless Steel. You can enjoy reading it while you can also think about deciding about ‘should I buy and have this multi-tools product?’

Leatherman Wingman Review

The Leatherman Wingman is often called by your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite. It is a great, lightweight, pocket-sized, stainless steel tool. This is a 2.6″ blade, which is more than adequate for most folding knife jobs. The blade is a partially serrated reverse tanto with a partial hollow grind. The knife is accessed with an oval thumb hole. The blade runs on little phosphor bronze washers, and I am able to open the blade with one hand. (See also: Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool)

Some features inside such as an outside-accessible, one-hand opening blade and newly-designed spring-action jaws with plenty of handy tools, and backed by a team of designers, assemblers, and manufacturing crew from Portland, Oregon are amazing values. Covered by the Leatherman 25-year warranty, perhaps the most unique feature on the Wingman is the package opener. This small, unassuming sharpened hook is purpose-built to tear into those plastic “blister-packs” that so many small electronic devices come in. One can cut into the package without worry for damaging the contents. The package opener can also safely cut the packing tape on cardboard boxes. For many, this feature alone will seal the deal.

Leatherman Wingman has no scrathes, nicks, tool-marks or any certain defects. The edge of knife is decent and the scissors is a barely acceptable edge, a little finnincky to deploy, and have to be extended all the way until it is suitable at the point string deploys and function properly. The scissors feature a locking mechanism which holds the tool open for safety. The Wingman has larger pliers than my other Leatherman models, and it’s one of my favorite things about it.

They are well machined and are spring loaded. The blade on this tool has a combo edge with plain edge towards the tip. It also features a chisel grind and a locking mechanism. For screwdrivers, the Wingman gives you one main Flathead and Philips. The file/ruler also acts as a smaller Flathead screwdriver. These screwdrivers are surprisingly decent. Although it is a little heavy, it saves multi-tools around that can against the usability from whole class of tools. It is also a very handy whether you bring it directly with you or you can put it on you pocket. But overall, it is acceptable.

- Featuring 14 tools - Locking Blade - Leatherman 25 year guaranrtee

The final Verdict about Leatherman Wingman is such a kind of an average-sized tool with an easy-entry price. Its function and durability was above standard. It exceeds the competition with a couple externally opening tools and a unique package opener. As compared to the Gerber Multi-Plier 600, the Wingman is more compact, easier to use, and easier on the pocket. It is easier on the pocket, figuratively, because it is half the cost, but also literally because the Gerber tool stores with sharp needle-nosed plier tips still exposed. The Leatherman Wingman is smooth and rounded when closed. The Leatherman’s integrated pocket clip is appreciated by many users. Finally we will make it short that the small file on the Wingman is the coarsest one among others. In fact, some caution is advised if you intend to use this file for nail grooming. This thing removes material fast!

Specifications of Leatherman Wingman
· CLOSED LENGTH 3.8 in | 9.7 cm
· WEIGHT 7 oz | 198.4 g
· LENGTH 2.6 in | 6.6 cm
· SIZE X-Large
· COLOR Stainless Steel
· Removeable Pocket Clip
· Stainless Steel Body
· All Locking Outside Blades
· Stainless Steel Handles
· 25-year Warranty

Pros of Leatherman Wingman
· Inexpensive and well-made
· Compact and easy to carry
· Durability and quality
· Functionality and number of features
· Versatile and A lot of additional tools

Prices for Leatherman Wingman
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