La Sportiva Tarantulace vs Nago

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God create the world with all the beautiful nature which should be missed. If you are the climber mountain enthusiast, you should have a comfortable shoe to support your hobbies. Remember the hard field of climb the mountain absolutely we need the comfortable shoes which can be survive in any situation.


La Sportiva is the one of the well known brand you can choose to support your hobby in climbing of mountain. Its consistent since 1928, create the product various kind of your mountain needs. La Sportiva offering many product that you can choose, if you are the people who looking for the mountain shoes the right choose is La Sportiva. For mountain shoes there is some kind of it among others Tarantulace and Nago.

Tarantulace and Nago was designed for a comfortable beginner climbers mountain enthusiast. They offering comfort and a neutral shape that functions in many climbing scenarios. Fairly durable and quite affordable, this shoe will also help keep the soles on your sending shoes newer longer. Not only for climb the mountain but it can be used also for some work of your gym days.

In general, they has a similar quality because the are stand in the same manufacturer, but in several of both of this has the different. The best edging for mountain climbing is very need to create the comfortable on your foot. The edging ability of Taranculace is contingent on how much comfort you’re a willing to sacrifices, size of this shoes is a little tight to really get their crank. Because of it is so flat, it makes the edge needs to be closer with your toe for performance climbing shoes. While Nago has the toe box which mostly rounded and the sole is flat, so it can be challenging to get a foot on those thin holds.

Between Tarantulace and Nago has the same material that is leather. La Sportiva Tarantulace is using durable Friction RS rubber compound and the line tongue for moisture management. In La Sportiva Nago using 5mm vibram XS edge sticky rubber outsole.

- Quick pull lacing harness that delivers a snug precise fit
- Durable FriXion RS rubber compound for great grip and durability
- Lined tongue for moisture management
- Excellent all around hook and loop closure shoe
- For entry level climbers
- Leather
- Ventilated upper with a perforated, lined synthetic leather arch area for moisture management
- A great fit that delivers performance and comfort
- 5mm vibram XS Edge sticky rubber outsole
- Designed for comfort and performance
- Ideal for moderately overhanging sport routes, face climbing, gym climbing, crack climbing
- Leather

La Sportiva Tarantulace vs Nago
However, Tarantulace and Nago is a great shoe you must have as you are a climber. I recommend for you, if you are the beginner as a climber you better choose Tarantulace because it support your foot to standing on a small stuff. But if you are not a beginner you can go choose Nago because its a great rock shoes, because it has great edge. Some really sticky rubber and they break in quickly so it makes comfort for a hard track of climbing.