La Sportiva Nago Review : Climbing Shoe – Men’s

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Climbing shoes is one of the tools that are essential for a climber. With the climbing shoes, the climber becomes greatly helped in doing the climbing real form line. Climbing shoes help to protect feet from the surface of the tapered, and Cliff climbing shoes also help climbers to maximize the role of the feet when climbing. Climbing shoes are also designed to reduce the possibility of slipping on a climbing time occurs. Construction of part of the palms (soles) climbing shoes are designed from special rubber material, such as motorcycle tires for the race. The rubber material used is becoming typical for each manufacturer that produces climbing shoes. On the rubber (sol) is the location of each technology that becomes the criterion for each brand of climbing shoes currently in circulation and one of them are existed on La Sportiva who is the manufacturer of the shoe that comes from Italy and has been widely used by athletes such as Adam Ondra, Patxi Usbiaga, Ramon Julian, Akiyo Naguchi, Anna Sthor and Jain Kim. The Review will be about La Sportiva Nago Performance Rock Climbing Shoes complete with features, specifications, and benefits.

La Sportiva Nago Review

The La Sportiva Nago Shoes are an all-around climbing shoe and very suitable for beginner even until for intermediate climbers. The medium asymmetry has a technical fit therefore, they will never leave your foot cramped and you just need to continue your work through the route as many possible times you have. The combination of leather and synthetic leather provides a soft feeling and comfortable feeling so that your feet will not be stretched out. The tongue and arch are lined with Dry-Best, for wicking sweat and quick drying, while the rest of the shoe remains unlined for responsiveness. Whether you are hitting a sport route or just hanging at the gym wall, the 5mm Vibram XS Edge will stick when you need it most. The best possible rubber formula for technical edging. XS Edge was developed specifically for La Sportiva and the production of the TC Pro climbing shoe. This rubber compound is exceptionally resistant to deformation on razor sharp edges and it will not creep when smearing.

If you are a typical person who does not climb super hard routes, this shoes has an ease smearing and edging. It has also been great for single and multi-pitch routes. These shoes are not super aggressive, but for entry level to intermediate shoes, the Nagos hold true to La Sportiva’s known quality and expertise. The durability from La Sportiva Nago are also great for the hobby/recreational climber as these shoes will serve you for years to come. For beginners this is common since as one struggles to get up the wall it’s easy to drag your feet up to the next hold

- A great fit that delivers performance and comfort - 5mm vibram XS Edge sticky rubber outsole - Designed for comfort and performance - Ideal for moderately overhanging sport routes

A good beginner’s shoe if they fit your feet well. They do stretch a lot. Nagos have decent grip and WAY more structure and edging ability than, say a 5.10 Coyote. You will spend a little more money but you will have one of the best all-around shoes made. La Sportiva no doubt makes the best climbing shoes in the industry but to me these are just OK. Oh, and also, the upper part of the shoe bleeds onto your feet. All in all, this shoe is definitely one to consider.

Specifications if La Sportiva Nago Performance Rock Climbing Shoes :
· Best Use for Rock Climbing
· Neutral Climbing Shoe Type
· Last Slip-lasted
· Upper Leather/perforated synthetic rubber
· No Lining
· Outsole Vibram XS Grip rubber
· Footwear Closure Lace-up
· Can Be Resoled
· Average Footwear Weight (Pair) among 1 lb. 1 oz.
· Men’s and Women’s

Pros of La Sportiva Nago Performance Rock Climbing Shoes :
· Ventilated upper with a perforated, lined synthetic leather arch area for moisture management
· Leather/synthetic leather upper
· PN 45 lining in the arch and on the tongue provides comfort and moisture management
· Leather heel and toe for great feel and grip
· A great fit that delivers performance and comfort
· 5mm Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber outsole for grip and durability

Price of La Sportiva Nago Performance Rock Climbing Shoes :
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