Hair Removal Cream vs Waxing

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When the year is coming into a summer, then the time has come for one of perhaps the most annoying routines: hair removal. Removing hair from the unwanted areas on your body is essential before sporting on a bikini or a short summer dress. There are various methods that can be used for hair removal, but perhaps using a hair removal cream and waxing are two the most popular.

Hair Removal Cream vs Waxing 1

A lot of people have wondered whether they should go for a hair removal cream or waxing. Each way has each own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will see the comparisons.

Hair Removal Cream

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There are a lot of hair removal creams now available on the market. A hair removal cream works by using chemicals to weaken the hair follicles, so that you will be able to wipe your hair away down to the roots. A tube of hair removal cream is often quite considerably cheaper than the price of one waxing session, which makes it the choice of many people who want an affordable yet quick, easy, and painless solution. The result is also smoother and longer-lasting than regular shaving. However, the chemicals may irritate sensitive skin, especially in delicate areas. Hair removal creams also have a strong odor.


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Depending on the areas treated and your choice of the salon, the price of a waxing session may vary, yet is indeed more expensive than a tube of hair removal cream. Waxing is done by applying hot wax to the desired area, to be then removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Waxing removes the hair semi-permanently, as the hair is also ripped out from the roots. Compared to using a hair removal cream, waxing delivers a longer-lasting result. Yet, waxing is somewhat notorious for being moderately painful, though the pain becomes more tolerable over time.

Hair Removal Cream vs Waxing

Hair Removal CreamWaxing
- Considerably cheaper- Relatively pricey
- Quick, effortless, and almost painless- Moderately painful, though the pain will be more tolerable over time
- Most popular for facial hair, bikini lines, and underarms- Great for the stubborn, coarse, dark hair on legs, underarms, and bikini areas
- Result lasts longer than regular shaving, but not as long as waxing- Result lasts longer than using a hair removal cream

See the differences between Hair Removal Cream vs Waxing on pictures :

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If you need a quick fix, using a hair removal cream is indeed a feasible solution. A hair removal cream is especially the way for facial hair and bikini lines. Yet, for legs and underarms, where the hair is often more stubborn and tougher, waxing is best.