Grecian Formula vs Touch of Grey

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Age factor is one of the big fact which give influence to your appearance, maybe if you are a man with the old age gray is one of natural looking must you have, but how if your age still around 30s but your hair get grey? It will reduce your confident. My daddy who often coloring his hair because he doesn’t confident with his hair color of grey. I often ask what he like to use coloring his hair, and he told what he use for it. There are so many colorant product sell in the market or website shops I have seen. Then I showed Grecian Formula and Touch of Grey, but what’s the different between them?


Grecian formula is one of the best known product of the man uses, this colorant formula is many color available in Touch of Grey like black, brown-grey. The ingredient of this hair colorant contains are Aminomethyl Propanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Acetate, Carbomer and other active contains in there. Different with the Grecian Formula ingredients its contains of Propylene Glycol, SD Alcohol 40B, Ammonium Chloride and etc.The Touch of Grey is gradually replaces gray with natural looking color.

The way using both of this colorant model is easy enough because it can application with a comb. Grecian Formula can replace the gray color hair in three section in 3 weeks it can look the differences when it application in your hair. On the other hand, using Touch of Grey you need extra time to replace the gray color because to get the best result you must use it in 5-6 weeks in application. How can be has a long time for best result? Yah, you must have more patient because its permanent formula.

Some explanation of Grecian Formula is it can stop any time and leave little gray, or keep going until all gray is gone, conditions hair while make it thicker and look fuller. In Touch of Grey formula gets rid of some grey, not all for that perfect Salt&Pepper look.

- There's no mixing, no mess. Apply daily for 2-3 weeks and you'll get the exact color that's perfect for you. Then use once or twice a week to keep it that way.
- Stop any time and leave a little gray, or keep going until all the gray is gone
- Conditions hair while making it thicker and look fuller
- Gradually replaces gray with natural looking color
- Works for any color hair
- Touch of Gray is an advanced air oxidation haircolor system designed to eliminate a portion of the consumer's gray
- TOG utilizes a unique high efficiency base formula in conjunction with specialized dyes that react with atmospheric oxygen instead of hydrogen peroxide
- No mix, easy to use Gel Formula
- Permanent Formula lasts 5-6 weeks
- Peroxide and Ammonia Free

Grecian Formula vs Touch of Grey
In some reviews, consumers more choose Touch of Grey because they can get the best result and its permanent even though they have to waiting more little bit for that best result. On the other hand, consumers suitable with Grecian Formula because its doesn’t make their hair dry. Finally, I guess to you for choose the suitable one for you caring your hair.