Grecian Formula vs Just For Men

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Grecian Formula was first introduced in 1961, this product was developed in New York specifically to return the user ‘s natural hair color back from the elderly signs of grey and white hair. This is typical hair formula, and its personalized version that actually lets you replace gray hair with your natural color.


Grecian formula gradually replaces gray with natural looking color, there is no mixing, no mess apply daily for 2-4 weeks and you should get the exact color that’s perfect then use once or twice a week to keep it that way. Grecian Formula Liquid Hair Color with Conditioner, it contains hair thickening agents that repair and strengthen, reducing hair loss from breakage. It give the healthier-looking hair. It’s stop any time and leave a little gray, or keep going until all the gray is gone. In some review it very works on short hair. Using this product you must read the directions correctly. In some review if you doesn’t follow the directions, it is not to work in 4 weeks, then if you follow the directions you should has the trick, yo must not shower your head often during the first 3 weeks. (See also : Grecian Formula vs Touch of Grey)

Just For Men offer natural full gray a coverage , it lasts up to 6 weeks until your gray grows back. It fast and easy shampoo in formula for a natural gray free look. Just For Men Original Formula hair color contains of protein, Vitamin E, aloe and chamomile that nourished your hair. The amount of gray you have guides which shade is best for you, if your natural hair color is light brown better for you to use a lot of gray this shade. If you have a little to moderate gray a lighter, a lighter shade may give a better result.

Size box of Grecian Formula more large than Just For Men. Grecian Formula box is 7,6 inches (19 cm) and the shipping weight 1,8 pounds. While 6,5 inches (16 cm) and the shipping weight 1,8 pounds.

- Gradually replaces gray with natural looking color
- Stop any time and leave a little gray, or keep going until all the gray is gone
- Conditions hair while making it thicker and look fuller
- Works for any color hair
- There's no mixing, no mess.
- Natural looking full gray coverage
- Targets only the gray for a natural look
- Works in 5 easy minutes
- Easy, non-drip Shampoo-In Formula
- Lasts up to 6 weeks, or until your gray grows back

Grecian Formula vs Just For Men
If you wanna the quickly result you can go with the Grecian Formula, need to remember using these product you have to read the caution carefully so that you doesn’t wrong when apply it on your hair. Do not apply this formula on your eyelashes or your eyebrows. It should make your appearance better and you will be more confident all day. But it is no matter if you go with Just For Men for easy step in 5 minutes you can also get the best result of your hair color if you follow the directions.

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