Gravity Defyer Shoes Review: Sports Shoes with Great Comfort and Great Performance

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If you are currently looking for a pair of comfortable, pain-relieving shoes, you can now put Gravity Defyer Shoes into your consideration. Gravity Defyer Shoes are sports shoes made for women, equipped with advanced features and technologies that greatly enhance the shoes’ comfort and performance. The primary feature that Gravity Defyer Shoes offer is the pain-reducing capabilities. The shoes have been sophisticatedly designed to be able to reduce the impacts from the road to your ankles and joints, as well as to revert the impacts instead to enhance the force of your feet to run better and faster. Thus, Gravity Defyer Shoes make a great choice for a pair of comfortable performance running shoes!

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes is available in various sizes and four color choices. There are white-blue, white-pink, gray-pink, and black-purple models available. All the models appear chic and stylish, so you can choose the one color that suits your taste and personality the best. The shoe covers the feet perfectly for perfect fit and optimum protection.

The Gravity Defyer is equipped with the proprietary VS-2 VersoShock sole, which functions for the special feature of the shoe. The sole is capable of controlling the impacts from the road to reduce the effects to the ankles and joints. Such impacts often cause exhaustion and pain, especially if you have some back pain problem or the likes. However, with Gravity Defyer, you can run conveniently without pain. It performs an excellent job in attenuating the impacts, preventing pain, and it actually helps in enhancing your running performance. It is quite lightweight, too, allowing you to swing your feet effortlessly.

- VS-2 VersoShock™ Sole - Breathable Mesh Fabric Upper - Web-last Technology - Protect Your Body When Standing & Walking - Removable Insoles For Custom Orthotic Inserts

The upper part is made from a breathable mesh fabric and some synthetic parts. The insoles are also removable, allowing you to replace them with custom orthotic inserts if you prefer to. The interior is very comfortable and well padded. Your feet can stay inside without feeling tired or hot. The shoes stay comfy in long wearing sessions. That is awesome. Meanwhile, the sole is made from a synthetic material. The sole is quite considerably thick, providing exceptional protection to your feet against anything that may lie on the road. It also has good traction to allow confident walking and running. Gravity Defyer is well built, it is reasonably rugged and durable. However, you should not over-abuse it; it can only last for about a year or so. The springs in the heel can get broken especially if the shoes are used for intensive activities.

Specifications of Gravity Defyer Shoes
Fabric and synthetic
Synthetic sole
Breathable Mesh Fabric Upper
Web-last Technology
VS-2 VersoShock™ Sole
Removable insoles for custom orthotic inserts
Protects your body when standing and walking

Pros of Gravity Defyer Shoes
– Advanced technology that controls impacts to increase both comfort and performance
– Very comfy and neat interior, well-padded and breathable
– The insoles are removable, allowing for customization and personalization with custom orthotic inserts
– Thick protective sole
– Rugged and durable

Price of Gravity Defyer Shoes
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