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Long lashes is one of the charming points in one’s face especially for women who are paying attention to appearance more everyday. A beautifully curled long lash not only sounds pretty but will also elevate your appearance and if yours is typically shorter, worry not for we have lash serums like GrandeLASH vs LashFood to promote better growth and makes it less prone to falling as well. If you are also considering these lashes serums, see which brand seems more promising and safer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Longer Eyelash is Considered Attractive
– What are GrandeLASH and LashFood
– Are GrandeLASH and LashFood Pricey
– What GrandeLASH and LashFood are made from
– Are GrandeLASH and LashFood Effective
– Do GrandeLASH and LashFood have Side Effects
– How to Apply GrandeLASH and LashFood
– GrandeLASH Vs LashFood

The Attractiveness of Eyelash
We love to pay attention to appearance because while it is true that we never actually know someone just by their outer look, we can’t lie as well that humans will perceive someone they don’t know from what the eyes can see first. This is why first impression matters and just by making your clothes neat and clean sometimes we can be more accepted by other people easier. This affects both men and women yet, when it comes to physical appearance, women still does seems to put more effort in comparison.

This is proven by how many products women can use on their body to enhance or even fix some parts that we don’t want to emphasis while men in general prefer simpler stuff as long as they are functional. Cosmetic treatment is also included among the efforts we spend everyday to make sure they are working properly depending on what each person is aiming with the products. Among various body parts, face is inarguably the most important part to notice first.

Face is composed of skin, nose, eyes, and lips as well as supported by the hair growing on top of the head and each one of them will affect how one’s look so each portion usually have their own treatment at once or separately. Clear skin makes people more comfortable when gazing at your face but eyes often speaks what one’s cant converse yet which makes it one of the most attractive and interesting part on human’s face whether it is men or women.

Eye size, color, and everything near it will affect how we appear in one’s mind but it is also interesting to count the eyelashes which often similarly treated like the hair on top of our head despite being so little and short. The majority of people seem to perceived long lashes with beauty but not all of us have naturally long lashes and as unique as it may sound, natural long lashes does improve our face and making it overall more feminine or softer.

Some thoughts on the subject has been saying the reason why lashes are perceived as beauty is because this short hair on our eye’s hood is often mimic one’s health for some diseases like cancer does cause eyelash loss. Imagine seeing a long lashes one someone’s eyes and if it is black, this type of combination not only will make the eyes look bigger but the contrasts created by black and white color of lashes and sclera will add a great emphasize to your eyes as well.

About GrandeLASH and LashFood
This effect is what made many people are going for extensions and applying several products on their lashes to make sure the hair grows more and makes a fuller appearance even without the help of mascara or curler. Extension is one of the most effective ways to create this instant benefit but if your problem is only the thickness of the lash, tinting the lashes with dedicated lash dye will also create a more long lasting effect especially for those with less time to apply mascara everyday.

However, if you are looking for a more natural effect or appearance, letting the lash grow longer or thicker is the best way to look nice even without additional cosmetic. Some people may want to use natural remedies like plant or seed oils but if you want the most effective formula, lash serums like GrandeLASH and LashFood will save you more time to get those beautiful result, moreover if applied diligently. These serums are boasting beneficial ingredients for faster growth and stronger lashes in one bottle.

One issue we often find with lash serums is ingredient itself because it is applied in such a close parameter to the actual eyes and some of us might be more sensitive for unknown substance getting near the eyes which makes many people afraid of using this type of product. However, when they are formulated with safe and effective ingredients, the benefits should be worth the patient because imagine going out without applying any mascara or curling them but the lashes still look on point.

GrandeLASH and LashFood are very popular and well-known when it comes to giving a fast benefits and in general people seem to start noticing the difference in their lashes in weeks. However, the results are never guaranteed and like many other products we either consume or put on the body, the benefits might differ from one person to another. Between these two, it seems that the latter is safer in general but efficacy is variable among users and there must be a difference on the ingredient as well.

GrandeLASH and LashFood Price and Formulation
Eyelash serums is probably one of the most expensive treatments that we often see on stores both physical and online because like any other eye treatment or care, they need to be made from the safest ingredients for it relates to a sensitive part of our face. These lash serums are also not cheap and chances will cost you hundreds of dollars each year when being routinely applied because most of them come in a range of $50 to $100 per package and they only contains around 2-5 ml each.

This makes lash serums like GrandeLASH and LashFood are not a very wise purchase for a long term committed usage. As for the formulation, both of them are coming in a clear, thick serum similar to a clear mascara but the applicator put inside is not a long comb-like brush but more similar to an eyeliner brush. This pointy tips and thin brush support the application really well for such a small area on our eye’s hood. Read also: NeuLash Vs Lash Boost here.

GrandeLASH and LashFood Ingredients
When looking for a lash serum or any eye products, our first attention is their ingredients and let’s start with GrandeLASH with its various interesting and beneficial components like hyaluronic acids, radish root ferment filtrate, ginseng root extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, chamomile flower extract, and one of the most popular ingredients in lash serum prostaglandin. On the other hand LahdFood is made with patented ingredient called Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum which is claimed to be made from natural ingredients for the safest result.

It seems that they are paying extra attention to the ingredients and this serum also doesn’t have silicon nor prostaglandin which is very common, probably because of possible side effects. For replacement they are including ginseng root extract, bergamot peel water, prunus mume fruit extract, lavender flower water, etc.

GrandeLASH and LashFood Efficacy
Coming into the efficacy, usually any serums will show the results within several weeks or a month and in general LashFood seems to be improving the look of users’ lashes in around 3 weeks of routine application which shows with longer and fuller or thicker lashes. Some people with brittle lashes also see an improvement in the texture of their lashes after a period of time.

GrandeLASH also starts to show the result starting around week 3rd to 5th in younger users while older users will take more time.The improvement is showing from the new growth of lashes which is like a bristle and short but as it takes time, these new lashes will grow longer and makes the appearance of your lashes becomes thicker.

GrandeLASH and LashFood Side Effects
As for the side effect, LashFood is paying so much attention to their ingredients and this is why there is no irritation reported on the test subjects as well as side effects which often found when using lash serums. GrandeLASH on the other hand is still having prostaglandin in their ingredient and this is actually very beneficial for the efficacy of the serum but also have a well-known side effects as well to darken eye colors. The company itself found about 3% of users feel tingling when applying the product.

GrandeLASH and LashFood Application
To get the best benefit of these lash serum, we also need to apply them routinely everyday because those said benefits are the results of regular application. GrandeLASH and LashFood are very easy to apply and like many other lash serums, what we need to do is only preparing a clean eyelid like after washing makeup and then with the included brush apply the serum along your lash line while closing the eye as a night treatment. They may need a few seconds to dry so wait the formula to dry first before going to sleep.

Almost all women want to have longer and thick eyelashes but sometimes it is not convenient with extension or applying mascara all the time. Lash serums like GrandeLASH and LashFood are a very good choice to improve their appearance and what sets these serums apart is ingredient itself because in general LashFood is safer with no irritation or side effects while the other might still give a little side effect for its prostaglandin.

Grandelash vs Lashfood

- GrandeLASH-MD is an award-winning lash enhancing serum is infused with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, & amino acids to promote naturally longer, thicker looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks, with full results in 3 months. It’s a favorite for helping to enhance short or thinning lashes and is also ideal for improving the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes.
- GrandeLASH-MD is water based, so it is safe to use with contacts and lash extensions (and can help to promote a longer lasting bond life). Ophthalmologist tested & approved.
- Lash enhancing serum, a safe and effective alternative to lash growth, developed by a team of cosmetic scientists through a series of clinical tests.
- The breakthrough results proved to transform lashes into longer, thicker, stronger and healthier lashes in just 4-8 weeks. 3-month supply.

Both of these serums will help you to get a longer and thicker eyelashes but if we are to choose, we do prefer the safest choice and between the two, LashFood seems to be the more ideal choice especially if you are worried about related ingredients as well.