Gold vs Silver Jewelry

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Gold and silver are two precious metals that are the most popular to be used for jewelry. They have been used since a very long time ago and still remain as the primary choices today. However, when it comes to choosing between gold jewelry and silver jewelry, it can be quite trickier.

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For some reasons, gold and silver jewelry are being priced differently. There are advantages and disadvantages for each. Needless to say, one may suit your better than the other due to several factors, such as matching colors, care and maintenance, as well as durability.

Gold Jewelry

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Gold is the color that represents success and wealth. Jewelry that is primarily made of gold often has information regarding the level of the purity, written in Karat. 24 Karat means 99.9% purity, 18 Karat means 75% purity, while 12 Karat has 50% purity. For obvious reasons, the higher the purity, the more expensive the object would be. However, gold is actually a very soft metal. So, the higher purity, the less rugged and less solid the object is. Gold jewelry may be mixed with other metals to produce different colors. There are the usual yellow gold jewelry, white gold jewelry, and rose gold jewelry.

Silver Jewelry

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Silver is also a soft metal. However, silver jewelry often makes use of silver that is mixed with other alloys, especially copper, to enhance the hardness. Usually, silver jewelry is harder and more durable than the gold counterpart. Silver comes with a more distinctive color, which is somewhat darker and grayish compared to white gold. There are several types of silver, but Sterling Silver is the purest. Silver jewelry also comes with varying purity levels.

Gold vs Silver Jewelry

Gold JewelrySilver Jewelry
- May come as yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold- The color is more distinctive, which is darker and more grayish than white gold
- Generally less solid and less rugged than silver jewelry- Usually harder and more durable than gold jewelry
- Relatively more expensive- Relatively cheaper
- Best for warm skin tone- Best for cool skin tone

See the differences between Gold vs Silver Jewelry on pictures :

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Silver jewelry may be best for its slightly more affordable price and excellent durability. It is also the way for cool skin tones. However, if you have a warm skin tone and want something that matches, then gold jewelry is the way.