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Some fun fact here, there is a particular treatise about beards, which is called pogonology. A beard, a collection of facial hair on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin, is always a peculiar interest among men. There is a widespread belief that facial hair improves a man’s appearance. Facial hair is widely considered attractive and is often attributed to wisdom, knowledge, masculinity, and sexual virility.

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There are a lot of beard styles. Perhaps two of the most popular ones are Goatee and Van Dyke. While the two share some similarities, Goatee and Van Dyke are actually different. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not yet aware of the distinctions.


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A goatee is a beard that is grown solely on the chin, either it is long or short. Hence, there is no hair on the upper lip and cheeks. This style, indeed, may remind you of the looks of a goat, hence the name. The goatee was popular among French poets and painters in the 19th century. Falling out of the trend between 1970 and 1990, goatee has been once again popular since being worn by famous actors like Will Smith and Anthony Edwards.

Van Dyke

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The Van Dyke beard received its name in the 17th century, from a famous painter that wore a goatee and a mustache, Anthony Van Dyck. Initially, Van Dyke was dressed with a curled mustache. However, nowadays, people wear Van Dyke with thick mustaches. Van Dyke beards don’t have hair on the cheeks, hence are different from full beards.

Goatee vs Van Dyke

GoateeVan Dyke
- Hair is grown solely on the chin- Hair is grown on the upper lip and chin; combination of a mustache and a goatee
- Doesn’t have any sideburn- Is now more popular with sideburns
- Relatively easier to develop and maintain- Relatively more difficult to grow and maintain
- Initially rose to popularity among French poets and painters in the 19th century- Is inspired by the 17th-century painter, Anthony Van Dyck

See the differences between Goatee vs Van Dyke on pictures :

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Now, you are aware of the differences between a goatee and a Van Dyke. The goatee is a beard grown solely on the chin, while Van Dyke is a beard that consists of a mustache, a goatee, and sometimes sideburns.