Gelish vs Shellac

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Shellac or gelish polishes are excellent choices for durable nails. They are the best option if you would like your manicure dream to come true. They are forms of nail treatments where once applied, nails become super-shiny, durable and get a natural look. It’s recommended to visit a nail salon that practices good hygiene for best results. Let us look at the differences and similarities of each product.


Gelish come in a range 146 colors which are dark and light while shellac comes in 48 different colors which include 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors and chrome colors. They can be mixed to create unique new colors. Once you apply, gelish can last for 3 weeks while shellac can last for 2 weeks. Gelish requires the roughening up of nail bed unlike the shellac type. Shellac can get expensive in the long run because it wears out after 2 weeks so one has to go back to the salon for a touch-up compared to gelish which lasts for a longer period.

Both products are safe to use on natural nails. In addition, once applied they continue to look shiny throughout the period as they did on day one. Both are applied as a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. Shellac and Gelish are meant to be painted over natural nails to give a perfect look and a neater finish. Both are packaged in the form of polish bottles, are applied like polish and are cured under a UV Lamp to give long lasting results.

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Gelish vs Shellac
In summary, both products are fabulous to use. Gelish is a better product since it’s more durable and better for people who have hard nails and they come in variety of colors to choose from. However, Shellac is easier to work with, rarely shrinks back and gives a neat finish. The best results will also depend on how skilled your nail technician is when applying them.