Gelish vs OPI

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There are so many different nail polishes on the market right now that it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. Two of the most popular brands worldwide at the moment are Gelish and OPI. They both offer gel nail polishes that provide great longevity and durability at relatively affordable prices. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is best? We’re going to compare Gelish vs. OPI and find out.


When it comes to the application and finish of the nail polish, both products apply very smoothly and leave a flattering shiny look once it has set. The OPI GelColor polishes have a thinner consistency, so it may take an extra coat to get the desired look, but both brands set very well. Both brands offer several colors to choose from, but Gelish has a more extreme variety of bright and muted tones. However, OPI continually releases new colors, so we may soon see an increase in their range.

In terms of wear, both brands seem to provide good results for most users, especially when compared to traditional nail polish. However, OPI GelColor has been known to chip slightly after a few days, especially with heavy wear, whereas Gelish is relatively more durable. However, when it comes to removal, OPI is much easier to remove. The polish comes off quickly in one buffing motion, whereas the Gelish polish takes longer and breaks off in pieces.

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Gelish vs OPI
When comparing Gelish vs. OPI, Gelish seems to be the clear winner in terms of performance and color selection. Although OPI is a good brand and their GelColor range does have many advantages, overall, it just doesn’t perform quite as well as its Gelish counterpart. Gelish provides great results that last through lots of activity, and has great color selection on top of that.