Gelish vs Cnd

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In your desire to give your fingernails a makeover, you should only choose the right nail products for it. Not giving proper consideration to the products you are using might only make you feel dissatisfied about it and it won’t certainly make you happy. If you are having a hard time choosing between gelish vs cnd, then there is a need for you to take a look at how each product differs. Doing so will not only bring you to the best choice but will also help you meet your expectations. Do not let yourself feel disappointed if you can do something to prevent yourself frommaking the wrong decision.


Choosing the best nail products can be very tricky especially when both has lots of positive things to offer. In order to arrive at the best choice, you can run down their similarities and differences. Gelish can last for approximately three weeks and you will also have variety of colors to choose from which won’t hinder you from choosing a color that best represents your mood or your preferences while Shellac can only stay in your nails for about two weeks with limited colors to offer.In terms of application, Gelish will only use LED lamp compared to Shellac’s UV lamp which others find unsafe to use. Until now, there are still arguments regarding the possible risk that using a UV lamp can pose.

- Salon-quality nails done right at home with this Gelish Fantastic Four Gel Polish Kit
- Requires Use of Gelish LED Drying Curing Lamp
- Stays on for 3 weeks with no chipping and a perfect shine
- Top It Off Sealer Gel: Cures in 30 seconds in LED light and 2 minutes in UV light
- Easy Application
- Base Coat Cures in just 10 seconds
- The duo pack has both your basic needs for a mani or pedi
- Finesse your nails with ease

Gelish vs Cnd
Whether it is gelish vs cnd, each has different preferences and it can lead to having varied choices. But if you want to give the best value for your money, then you better choose Gelish. It can work best regardless of the nail type that you have. The important thing is to choose what you think will make you achieve the purpose why you want to have your nails done.