G-String vs T-String

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When it comes to modern underwear, women are spoilt for choice. And why shouldn’t we be? It is every woman’s given right to choose, including the underwear she feels most comfortable in. There are times when comfort wins. However, and here’s the rub, women don’t always wear underwear for comfort which is especially true for G-String vs T-String.


G-Strings are made of tiny triangles of fabric and narrow “strings” of fabric. They are worn with triangles center front and back with a narrow reinforced fabric, sometimes so thin it is reminiscent of a string, between the legs and around the hips.

Take a look : G String vs Thong

T-Strings are the same as G-Strings at the front, with only the string encircling around the hip. Hang out in ladies lingerie departments if you want to clarify.

Now some of you may be asking, “Why to bother?”

  • They do pay homage to modesty in the dressing room.
  • They both give something for your minuscule sanitary protection to cling to if you feel any normal secretions need mopping up.

As for comfort, my belly dance teacher said there were – those fleshy and mounded outwards to the back (currently trending) and those with flatter bums when viewed side on (more 60s/70s style). She says the former rounded bum style loves G-strings or T-Strings as those bottoms eat normal panties turning them into uncomfortable things anyway. Whereas, those with flatter bums can get away with either. Another friend described them as being garroted from the bum up. Room for research!

T-strings show seamless silhouettes under slinky dresses or pants always inviting the question, ”Is she, or isn’t she?” When it comes to lowrider jeans you give the answer by raising the rear G or T to expose pretty lace or diamantes, or whatever tickles your fancy.

G-String vs T-String

- Triangles center front and back- Triangles center front
- String between the legs and around the hips - Only the string encircling around the hip
- Can be worn with lingerie or not- Usually be worn with lingerie

See the differences between G-String vs T-String on pictures :






I actually think the jury is out on G-String vs T-String. It is such a close race I’ll leave it for you to call and to decide what you wear. The choice is always a woman’s.