French Lace vs Swiss Lace

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There are many different kinds of lace materials around the world and in the markets. But there are two stands out products which are the French Lace and Swiss Lace, that are widely so popular. There are some of the differences between the two laces products.


French Lace
The French Lace made from Chantilly in French and is quite thicker than Swiss laces which make it more durable. It’s always widely recommended for new Wig Wearers. As compared to Swiss Lace, French Lace last way longer and practically tear resistant, and this is a very useful during the application process of strong glues and bonds. Also, French lace is quite delicate and less detectable and will hold longer when it comes to wigs.

Swiss Lace
Swiss Lace, on the other hand, is not as durable as French Lace though it’s slightly thinner and less detectable and rips very easily. As it cuts quickly, it usually makes the wig system unusable and fragile. The Swiss Lace has it on its side the ability to be very undetectable, delicate and very natural look. This Lace, when used in wigs, is recommended for the advanced users and not for beginners or first-time users.

French Lace vs Swiss Lace

French LaceSwiss Lace
- Quite thicker- Slightly thinner and less detectable
- Quite delicate and less detectable and will hold longer when it comes to wigs- Makes the wig system unusable and fragile
- Recommended for new Wig Wearers- Recommended for the advanced users

See the differences between French Lace vs Swiss Lace on pictures :






All in all, both French and Swiss Laces have an incredibly natural look to them, as they seem just to disappear into your head when you apply them to particular attention and surgical bonds and lace tape. Though both are magnificent to make wig bases. The French Lace, in my opinion, is a more viable option. As it more durable and sometimes you need something that will not need to be changed all the time, while the Swiss lace rips easily. Also, anyone can manage to use the French lace as recommended for anyone, not as the Swiss lace that recommended for advanced users.