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Foreo has been long known to be the one that popularized silicone cleansing brush which is loved by many for the benefits but, they do have more to offer such as Foreo UFO Vs UFO Mini. Rather than for cleansing, these are facial treatment tools to help you apply the products more effectively and the two are also very useful. For those who currently wonder which of them will be the better choice or how they are different, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Achieve Youthful Skin
  • What are Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • How are the Design of Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • How to Use Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • How are the T-Sonic Pulsation in Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • How are the Temperature Treatments in Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • How are the LED Treatments in Foreo UFO and UFO Mini
  • Foreo UFO Vs UFO Mini

Youthful Skin

Everyone of us wants healthy skin, free from any troubles, and looking great all the time. Of course there are people who are lucky enough to be born with just the right genes to produce this look naturally but for the majority of us it does require an amount of effort. From eating whole foods to applying various skin products, we are doing everything to improve the skin look and maintain its youthfulness. It is also not impossible to have better skin.

For those living in a place where the sun is pretty daring, it is wise to stay out of it during the day. Some of us may have to get out in the middle of the day for some tasks out there but sun damage from UV light is real and is responsible for 90% of skin’s visible signs of aging as it breaks the elastin on the skin, making it saggy and dull in appearance. Continuous exposure will also produce wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, etc.

We should get enough water as well. It is well-known that our body requires water to function properly and it is beyond being able to concentrate on your daily tasks too. Hydration is one of the keys to maintaining skin’s youthfulness so since it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day, it is helpful to try filing the requirement or getting more, especially if you are an active person. Dehydration as an effect of drinking less water can cause your skin to look dry and dull as well as emphasizing wrinkles.

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With the amount of good shows and probably busy lifestyles, many of us probably don’t get enough rest at night. Our body requires sleep to repair and make more tissues which is why it is necessary to get the proper rest everyday. Since our body is doing cell turnover during this time, we can take the advantage of age-defying products including retinol and beta hydroxy acid while sleeping as both are powerful exfoliants or wrinkle erasers. Do note that they increase the sensitivity to sunlight however so don’t forget the sunscreen.

In addition, while our body is capable of making its own oil or sebum, it is still important to improve hydration from the outside and this can be through the moisturizers that match your skin such as Cetaphil Moisturizer Vs Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Hydrated skin looks healthier and younger as well as improves our skin ability to fight off irritants. Try to choose the correct product, especially those backed by clinical studies to ensure the safety and efficacy.

About Foreo UFO and UFO Mini

Our product choices make a lot of difference because with the correct active ingredients they can improve the skin condition and even help us with some issues such as aging and acne or texture which is very common. If you have the fortune to spend, high-end products will be a great investment since they put a lot behind their famous formulation. We can also try beauty tools such as massager to optimize the products or for a quick spa at home.

Face shaper and freeze tools are very popular lately but for those who often use products like sheet masks and love face massager, Foreo has the options for you. This brand is probably more well-known for their face brushes like the Luna but they are also expanding the collection into a facial skin care applicator known as UFO. This is probably more similar to a face massager from how they are used but it is also an applicator and an at home spa tool.

This is quite a unique and interesting tool if we may say because there are not many that can provide the amount of functions and features they can offer. The original UFO was such a breakthrough when it was first released so just like most companies, Foreo also makes the newer variant or UFO 2 that you can check in our previous comparison. If you need to save the budget, we can go with the UFO Mini which as the name suggests, should be a smaller version of the original, or not.

For those who are not familiar yet with what Foreo UFO and UFO Mini are capable of, both of them are beauty applicator or skin care applicator. You can use them to apply a product like sheet mask which is designed to work with the tool. They are also coming with more features that we will talk about later but in comparison both are very similar with some noticeable differences.

Foreo UFO and UFO Mini Design

Side by side both of them are very similar to each other and while Mini is called so, it is actually not far different from the original device. The Mini does look just slightly smaller and the material on the cover is also a bit thinner. You can set them apart easily from how they look because Mini is not as “fancy” as the original, especially when it comes to the large, gold details at the front but the Mini is still looking cute.

The materials used to make these devices are the same or antibacterial silicone and since we are using liquid products with them, they are also waterproof. Just like the Foreo facial brush, your Foreo UFO and UFO Mini are charged with internal battery and in the box, you will get the device with its USB charger as well as a sample of Foreo’s face mask. We do love this tiny sheet mask for how much essence they put in the product thus, we can use them for the whole face or even neck.

Foreo UFO and UFO Mini Application

Moving further, let’s see what the Foreo UFO and UFO Mini can offer starting from how to use the two. To use these devices all you need to do is open the transparent lid on the back and put on the sheet mask. It may sound complicated but we can do this in just a few seconds. Close the lid again and choose the treatment mode that you want to use. The device will work for 2 minutes and depending on the treatment mode, the impact we see will be different as well.

Foreo UFO and UFO Mini T-Sonic Pulsation

Now let’s talk about the treatment mode since this is what sets both apart, including for the UFO 2 if you are interested to get the most capable device in the collection. These modes are accessed from the app in your phone so make sure to download it first. The most popular is T-Sonic pulsation which is available for both devices so they will vibrate on your skin and this is why they feel like massaging it. It is very helpful for product absorption but also relaxing your skin. 

Foreo UFO and UFO Mini Thermo and Cryotherapy

The next is thermotherapy which means they can warm up to deliver a certain temperature to your skin and this is useful for certain masks that require the activation. What the Mini is not capable of is reducing the temperature of the device since only original UFO can do cryotherapy or cold-therapy and thus, this limits the amount of Activated Mask formulas that we can use with the device, at the same time limiting the amount of benefits as well.

Foreo UFO and UFO Mini LED Treatments

The rest of the treatments for both Foreo UFO and UFO Mini are the same which is now for their LED technology. These devices offer LED treatment in red, green, and blue light while if you want to invest more, the UFO 2 does come with 5 more LED choices. Red LED for example is stimulating the production of collagen and elastin for youthful skin, Blue LED helps with acne as it kills bacteria to stop breakouts and improving skin imperfection while Green LED is useful to diminish dark spots or discoloration or to even out skin tone. 

Foreo UFO Vs UFO Mini

There are so many efforts we can do to improve skin condition or appearance and we can use Foreo UFO or UFO Mini to apply your favorite product. We want to mention that they do use their own sheet mask so it can be an additional cost to think about but, in comparison the two are pretty much the same with the most important difference being Mini didnt come with cryotherapy function which means we can’t cold massage the face. The other functions stay the same and in our opinion design wise they are also identical while UFO does look fancier.

- UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device | Face Mask in Just 90 Seconds | Latest Beauty Tech combining Advanced Facial Mask Treatment with Thermos/Cry/LED Light Therapy, Bluetooth & Dedicated Smartphone App
- 90-second face treatment works in combination with the specially invented UFO-activated masks
- Thermo-Therapy opens pores and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface
- UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device | Face Mask in Just 90 Seconds | Latest Beauty Tech combining Advanced Facial Mask Treatment with Thermos/LED Light Therapy, Bluetooth & Dedicated Smartphone App
- 90-second face treatment works in combination with the specially invented UFO-activated masks
- Thermo-Therapy opens pores and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface


The option is all yours since there is no bad choice here. You can spend less but sacrifice cryotherapy with Mini or adding more to get the most advantage of Foreo’s technology along with its extensive collection of masks with the original UFO.