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We can do skin treatment at home using various skin products or treatment tools like Foreo UFO Vs Bear. These facial skin treatments are very convenient and useful to help make sure that our product is working better. The two are pretty similar as well in terms of what they can offer but, being a different product they are not identical so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can do for you.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to do Face Spa at Home
  • What are Foreo UFO and Bear
  • How are the Design of Foreo UFO and Bear
  • How to Use Foreo UFO and Bear
  • How are the Treatments in Foreo UFO and Bear
  • How are the Experience with Foreo UFO and Bear
  • Foreo UFO Vs Bear

Spa at Home

We love spa and we love visiting skin clinics to consult with the pros about how to improve the skin or getting rid of some problems. There are also lots of products to try and the best thing is probably we can leave the place in a more calmed and relaxed mind. Since the pandemic started, we may have to reduce the frequency of leaving the house but, it doesn’t mean that we have to reduce the time to relax and have some treatment too for we can do many of them at home.

The first step to do home spa is making sure that we are relaxed and this is possible by making a very comfortable environment so even though it is not a commercial spa salon, we will kind of get the same ambiance. You can start by taking a bath with Epsom salt or if you are not currently in the mood and don’t want to for a full-body dip, we can just soak the feet for the same de-stressing feeling. This small effort will help relax your pressure points.

Before doing the treatment we also need to cleanse the skin properly first. Clean skin is very important since impurities may harm or make the products and treatment don’t work as optimally. For those who are not familiar with double cleansing, we can try this method first. To do this, we need an oil-based cleanser while the second step is meant to de-greasing the skin for better results. This is very useful to remove makeup since they tend to be difficult to clean with just water and face wash.

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Next is steaming the skin and this is a very popular process in your facial step. This process is meant to open up the pores as well as soften the top layer of the skin, before the exfoliation. For steaming at home, we need to pay attention to not over-steam it since the process may lead to dryness. To safely steam, we can just hover over a bowl of hot water and cover the head with a towel to steam in or soak one in hot water then put it on the face. 

The next process is exfoliating the skin using a physical or chemical exfoliator of your choice. It is smoothing the skin’s texture for the next process. Next is massaging some mask on the face to detoxify the skin and then we want to moisturize It. What you may want to skip in the home spa process is extraction because while it is satisfying, the process should be left to a pro since it may lead to infection if not done properly.

About Foreo UFO and Bear

This sounds like a very long process but you will enjoy it while spending some free time at home, moreover when combined with your favorite products. If you don’t have the time to follow this process, we can just skip everything and do the steps one by one on different days. We can also add massager or facial tools for a more convenient spa at home. They are less time consuming and still able to deliver lots of benefits to the skin, especially against aging.

Face massager is very popular so you can find them almost in any nearby beauty stores. They are mostly working with a battery and vibrate to give delicate massage to the skin. Foreo is one of them that we can use on a daily basis and no, this is not their famous facial brush but the facial massager. They are well-known for the silicone brush meant for cleansing the face but you can find various beauty tools in the collection and some are great for home spa.

If you love face massage, the Foreo UFO and Bear are two ideal options to consider. These beauty tools are very similar but also very different at the same time. We have talked about the advantages of Foreo UFO Vs UFO Mini here and in comparison, Bear is the one that is more similar to a regular face massager. It is not only massaging your skin however because the device will send a small amount of current to also stimulate it.

In comparison, the Foreo UFO and Bear are meant to give different treatment on the skin. If you are familiar with masking or love applying a face mask, the UFO is probably the more ideal choice because it is an applicator and treatment tool in one. On the other hand Bear is going to massage your skin while sending micro-current to deliver various advantages in improving skin health and appearance. Overall the two have different applications and benefits. 

Foreo UFO and Bear Design

Foreo always have an interesting shape for their devices including these two. You will kind of agree why they are called Foreo UFO and Bear based on the design. Starting with a UFO, this device is round and thick. It is almost like a soap bar but with pretty gold detailing at the front. There is very little to no interface on the device since it is adjusted using your smartphone app. The material is waterproof silicone and it is working with a rechargeable battery.

The Bear does look like a bear with its two stainless steel balls popping up at the top, making it look like a bear’s ears. The device is used like a face massager that we have seen before but this time it doesn’t have a stick handle. The oval shape is where you will hold the device and the overall design is ergonomic as well. You can pair it with the app or use the device alone. It is not an applicator but we can use them with serums.

Foreo UFO and Bear Application 

Before getting to know what Foreo UFO and Bear can offer first let’s talk about how to use these devices. Starting with UFO, you need the dedicated mask from the brand to work with. Open the transparent cap at the back and put the face mask on the surface then close the lid again. Turn on the device and we can begin massaging; it is like an applicator of a face mask because what gets on our skin is their essence.

With Bear you also start with clean skin and first apply the serum or gel on the face then begin massaging with the device. It is angled really well so that we can easily move it along the jawline and cheekbone where you may want to relax more or tone the shape.

Foreo UFO and Bear Treatments

Moving further, let’s see the treatment modes in Foreo UFO and Bear because they are also different. Starting with UFO, there are various treatment modes here including the T-Sonic pulsation to massage the skin, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, and LED therapy. Thermotherapy will warm UFO to open pores so we can remove the impurities while cryotherapy will cool it down to give a similar effect like the cold therapy. LED light therapy is available in Red, Blue, and Green, each with different benefits. 

As for the Bear, there are T-Pulsation and Micro-current features that will help with your skin condition. It is very popular to help lift, tighten, and smoothen the skin, making it look younger and healthy but is still convenient to do. 

Foreo UFO and Bear Experience 

Lastly, we do think both Foreo UFO and Bear are very easy to use and helpful. What you may want to note is that they do require certain types of products to work with such as the mask from Foreo for the UFO and thus, we may need to spend more too as long as we are still using the device. For Bear we can use other water based serum since it is not limited to their products. 

However, you want to coat the face with a pretty thick layer since it needs to stay there until the treatment is done. The results from both of these treatments are visible and what we think of is they make your skin look fresher and somehow younger too. It is not magic however since we need to spend some time before seeing the result.

Foreo UFO Vs Bear

Both Foreo UFO and Bear are very useful and beneficial, especially if you pay a lot of attention to youthful skin and overall a healthy looking complexion. In comparison, they are quite different with UFO being an applicator of a face mask as well as thermo, cyro, and LED treatment while Bear is a pulsation and microcurrent treatment tool. The result will vary across users but for the value UFO gives lots of different treatments in just one device.

- UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device | Face Mask in Just 90 Seconds | Latest Beauty Tech combining Advanced Facial Mask Treatment with Thermos/Cry/LED Light Therapy, Bluetooth & Dedicated Smartphone App
- 90-second face treatment works in combination with the specially invented UFO-activated masks
- Thermo-Therapy opens pores and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface
- ENERGIZING FACIAL WORKOUT - Achieve visible skin-firming results with FOREO’s BEAR, at-home facial toning device that utilises 5 intensities of microcurrent technology and T-Sonic pulsations to help lift, tone, and re-contour age-sensitive areas
- MICROCURRENT FACIAL TONING - Two microcurrent spheres channel energy directly into the skin. While signs of aging are erased in the top layer, the deepest layer of skin works simultaneously to produce a firm, lifted appearance.
- T-SONIC PULSATIONS - Help to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also improve blood flow, reducing puffiness and dark circles, and enhancing product absorption.


The choice is all yours based on what you want to achieve and what type of products you like the most. We will recommend the UFO if you love face masks like sheet masks and also want to use the additional treatment in the device. For those who can spend more, combining the two will give you the best result.