Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic 

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Are you confused between Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic? Both are facial cleanser tools that claim to be able to help you remove leftover make-up ingredients, dead skin cells, and all other impurities from your skin pores, thereby allowing you to have a fresher, cleaner face. Below, we will compare Foreo Luna Play Plus and Clarisonic to determine the best facial cleanser for you!

By the end of this article, you will understand better about:

  • The design and quality of Foreo Luna Play Plus and Clarisonic
  • Whether they are truly able to deep-clean your facial skin or not
  • The comparison of their ease of use and maintenance
  • The performance of Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic
  • Which facial cleanser tool is best and recommended for you

What are they?

Clarisonic is a facial cleanser tool that uses a sonic technology to deeply cleanse your face in a gentle way. It does not use any harsh chemical or abrasion, so it is really gentle and safe for all skin types. Clarisonic has been in the market for quite some time, and has gained popularity. Read also: Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic.

The company claims that it is six times more effective than manual cleansing in removing residual make-up, and in turn helps to make your facial skin more receptive to your skincare products. With regular use, both Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic are said to reduce blemishes, prevent dryness, improve skin smoothness, and get rid of excessively oily areas.

Foreo Luna Play Plus is also a facial cleanser that relies on a sonic technology to deeply cleanse your facial skin. Unlike other products in the Foreo Luna collection, Foreo Luna Play Plus is designed to be truly portable. While its siblings can connect to your smartphone to provide adjustable power and smart cleansing reports, this one runs on an AAA battery and only has 1 speed setting.

Foreo Luna Play Plus has 2 zones with different brush size and intensity to ensure optimum performance on all parts of your face. It claims to work very gently, yet with superior effectiveness in eliminating impurities from your skin pores. All it needs is two one-minute sessions a day to ensure your face remains clean, clear, and fresh.

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Suitable for All Skin Types

One similarity between Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic is that they both claim to be suitable for all skin types. However, this is where the similarity ends. These facial cleansers have very different designs.

Clarisonic has a changeable brush head. In order to customize this tool to suit your skin type, you need to pair it with the right brush head. Unfortunately, finding the right brush head for your skin type can be quite a challenge. There are at least six options available, designed for different concerns: cashmere cleanse, radiance, sensitive, acne cleanse, deep pore cleanse, and men’s daily cleanse.

In addition, the Clarisonic tool has 2 selectable cleansing speeds: delicate and universal. The delicate setting is designed for the morning and is also better for people with sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the universal setting is more powerful, and is meant for use in the evening to remove make-up and to prepare your skin for your anti-aging skincare products.

Foreo Luna Play Plus is arguably simpler and easier to use. It works with silicone brush bristles that are hypoallergenic. So, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin just fine, while also being suitable for normal skin. The zone with thinner brushes is meant for cleansing larger areas, such as the cheeks, whereas the zone with thicker brushes is optimized for cleansing the T-zone.

Foreo Luna Play Plus is foolproof because it only has one speed setting. You just turn it on and off, without having to worry about which setting to use. This works perfectly well for most people.


Many people have discussed how Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic compare, and one crucial difference is in regards to their maintenance costs. Foreo Luna Play Plus is much easier to clean and maintain, and it also involves significantly less maintenance cost than Clarisonic.

With Clarisonic, you will have to replace the brush head every 3 months. This is important because germs will grow in the brush head over time, not to mention that the brush bristles will also get worn after repeated uses. Unfortunately, the cost of a replacement brush head is somewhat expensive.

Another disadvantage of Clarisonic is that it is a little bit more difficult to clean. After every use, you will need to wash the brush head to remove the gunk from your skin pores. You need to clean it thoroughly so that the gunk won’t get stuck in-between brush bristles.

Foreo Luna Play Plus is much more cost-efficient because it does not need to be replaced every so often. The silicone brush tips are much more durable, and they are also much easier to clean. The only thing that you need to replace every once in a while is the battery. But, since Foreo Luna Play Plus can last for about 400 uses per battery, the battery cost can be really low.

It is really easy to wash the silicone brush tips clean. Due to the silicone material, germs are less likely to grow there. Foreo Luna Play Plus does not create waste from used brush heads, so it is also more eco-friendly.


In general, both Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic are able to cleanse your skin deeply and properly. With either device, you will get a smooth and pleasant face that feels fresh and clean. The result is definitely much better than simply washing your face by hand.

However, after testing both tools, Foreo Luna Play Plus turns out to be slightly better. The results from Foreo Luna Play Plus somehow feel a bit cleaner and smoother. Foreo Luna Play Plus also provides more consistent results over a long period of time. This is apparently because the silicone brush tips are able to keep their shape better and do not get worn quickly.

On the other hand, Clarisonic does a good job, but it somehow doesn’t make the skin feel as smooth. The performance also tends to deteriorate after two or three months, as the brush head gets worn. When this happens, you need to replace the brush head to restore the optimum cleansing power.

Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic 

- A revolutionary facial cleansing brush that leaves your skin flawlessly beautiful, LUNA play plus will help you achieve clear, radiant and healthy-looking skin with a 1-minute twice-daily cleansing routine. It offers gentle yet effective cleansing that brightens and refines complexion, lifting away dirt, oil and makeup residue.
- Featuring a unique silicone design, LUNA play plus facial brush is gentler and far less abrasive than traditional face brushes with nylon bristles that can damage the skin. It comes with a replaceable AAA battery to allow for longer-term use.
- LUNA play plus has a bigger 2-zone brush head and longer bristles to cover a larger surface area with softer and more advanced cleansing power.
- It is suitable for all skin types: thinner touchpoints gently cleanse sensitive or normal skin and larger areas like the cheeks while thicker touchpoints on top offer deep, precision cleansing of areas like the T-zone.
- Our Replacement Brush Heads are made from a non-porous, super soft filament which is resistant to attracting bacteria.
- Our CPSIA compliant, FDA and OEHHA Prop 65 approved facial cleansing brush heads are made according to the high health and safety standards.
- Sensitive brush heads (black) are precision designed for effective use on the face, décolletage and body for sensitive skin types.
- Deep pore cleansing brush heads (blue) are precision desgined to cleanse deep into your pores to remove impurities and reduce oil and blemishes.


Although both are good and effective facial cleansers, Foreo Luna Play Plus is generally better. It works with silicone brush tips that are more durable and easier to clean. It doesn’t require any brush head replacement, making it a cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution. Foreo Luna Play Plus also delivers better results by giving you cleaner, smoother skin.