Faux Leather vs Vinyl

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There is always a certain appeal towards leather as the primary material for fashion and accessories. Either you are getting a leather jacket, leather jeans, or leather wallet, you certainly prefer such material for one or other reason. Leather material is loved by a lot of people especially because of the unique and distinctive looks and texture, also excellent ruggedness and durability.

Faux Leather vs Vinyl 1

However, some people may prefer not to use real leather. Besides being typically expensive, the idea of getting the material from real, living animals may not be appropriate to us. Thus, we are now leaning towards the alternatives. Two alternative materials that are the most popular are faux leather and vinyl. Let’s see the comparisons between faux leather and vinyl.

Faux Leather

Faux Leather vs Vinyl a

Faux leather is actually the term used to refer to some sort of fabric which was initially real leather, but has undergone the manufacturing processes that infuse other materials, usually polymers, to increase the strength and durability. So, well, you can say that faux leather is a combination of real leather and vinyl. Depending on the brand, some faux leather may be firm and hard, while some others may be softer and more flexible. However, in general, faux leather can be almost as soft as real leather, but the looks and texture are certainly inferior.


Faux Leather vs Vinyl b

Vinyl is a synthetic material often used as an alternative to leather. Being nearly identical to the real thing, most people will fail to tell whether a product is of vinyl or real leather if not by reading the specs or description of the product. The softness is excellent, making it very comfortable to wear and use. However, the more trained eyes can still differ vinyl from real leather, as vinyl may not be as shiny or feel as natural. Furthermore, unlike real leather, which can get softer and even more comfortable over time, vinyl tends to slowly turn to feel more like plastic and artificial as the time goes, as well as being more prone to cracks.

Faux Leather vs Vinyl

Faux LeatherVinyl
- Made of real leather infused with other materials such as polymers- Made of synthetic materials
- More rugged and durable over time- More prone to damage over time
- Very soft, quite similar in looks and texture to real leather- Initially very soft and identical to real leather, but the plastic feel becomes more evident over time

See the differences between Faux Leather vs Vinyl on pictures :

Faux Leather vs Vinyl 2

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Faux Leather vs Vinyl 5

Faux Leather vs Vinyl 4

Faux Leather vs Vinyl 3

As you can see, faux leather actually still contains some leather, while vinyl is completely synthetic. Both are quite affordable and budget-friendly. However, vinyl does not stay great over time. Faux leather manages to keep the qualities quite for a longer time.