Faux Fur vs Real Fur

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Do you fancy wearing fur? Either it is for your vest, coat, jacket, or hat, fur is always a very comfortable material. It is very soft to the touch, and the pleasant bristling feeling that you experience when running your fingers through it is irreplaceable. A good fur clothing may also feel like a piece of armor, making you bigger and protecting you from the outside world. Fur also looks fabulous.

Faux Fur vs Real Fur 1

However, you may be concerned with the battle between faux fur and real fur. Perhaps you are wondering how to differentiate faux fur and real fur from each other. Or, you want to know whether faux fur or real fur is actually the best. We will compare the two below.

Faux Fur

Faux Fur vs Real Fur a

Faux fur is crafted from synthetic fibers, designed to resemble real fur. Faux fur is especially popular due the promotion by animal rights and animal welfare organizations, who consider that faux fur is an animal-friendly alternative from real fur. However, on the downside, the blends of acrylic and polymers used tend to take a very long time to break down, raising the argumentation that faux fur is not environmentally friendly.

Real Fur

Faux Fur vs Real Fur b

On the other hand, real fur is acquired from the hair and skin of animals, usually mammals, especially the ones with extensive coverage that is soft and thick. As it is taken from real animals, it is a subject of controversy. However, in a sense, real fur is acquired from renewable resources, and is environmentally friendly, since real fur can break down easily when disposed of.

Faux Fur vs Real Fur

Faux FurReal Fur
- Looks more lustrous, has a coarser texture, sometimes gets sticky in humidity- Doesn’t look too lustrous, feels soft, has the ability to keep snow from melting and re-freezing on the filaments
- Usually only has one lining, with knitted fabric inside- Usually has two linings with a noticeable leather texture inside
- Not breathable and not as warm- Breathable, but can keep you warm in the coldest weathers
- The filaments are easy to burn, and will melt into a clump or ball with the odor of burnt plastic- The filaments are difficult to burn, crinkle fast when burnt into fine ash with the odor of burnt hair
- Made from synthetic fibers, primarily blends of acrylic and polymers, which are difficult to break down- Acquired from animals, easy to break down, hence environmentally friendly

See the differences between Faux Fur vs Real Fur on pictures :

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If you are concerned about animal rights and welfare, then faux fur is a viable alternative. However, if you need a fur clothing for traveling to extreme environments, you need real fur. It is also more comfortable.