Downy Unstopables vs Gain Fireworks

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If you hate wearing clothing that smells old or of a drawer, then you should try using some scent booster on your laundry. What is a scent booster? A scent booster usually comes in the form of small beads, which you can add into your washing machine, right into the washer drum with your clothes. The beads will then dissolve in the water and add a pleasing scent to your clothes. The scent will last for weeks! So, say goodbye to that disgraceful smell clinging to your clothes.

Downy Unstopables vs Gain Fireworks

Now, there are Downy Unstopables and Gain Fireworks, two very popular scent booster products on the market. Both are loved by many, and both also have excellent ratings. So, should you choose Downy Unstopables or Gain Fireworks? Believe it or not, the same question has also confused lots of people; but let’s try to answer the question below. (Take a look : Downy Unstopables vs Fresh Protect)

How do they work?
Basically, both Downy Unstopables and Gain Fireworks work in the same way. Both products come as scent beads. You pour the scent beads into the washer drum, along with your laundry, and they will dissolve in the water, releasing the scent that sticks to the clothes. You can use as little or as many beads as you like, because they are completely safe, both for the clothes and for you. However, Downy Unstopables gives you the convenience of more precise measuring, as the cap can also be used to measure the beads. They can work with both cold and hot water. It is highly stressed, though, that you should not put the beads in the detergent container – such act will cause a mess. The usage directions are better to be read. Anyhow, after the washing process is finished, all your clothes will have such freshness too feisty to quit! Both Downy Unstopables and Gain Fireworks claim that their scents can last for 12 weeks, and a lot of users have confirmed that both products’ scents are certainly long-lasting.

How do they smell?
Downy Unstopables comes in a variety of scents. There are Unstopables Fresh, Unstopables Glow, Unstopables Lush, Unstopables Shimmer, and Unstopables Spring. Generally, all these scents are floral. They just have slightly different notes. However, Downy Unstopables also offers a unique feature: you can alter and adjust the scent even further according to your taste and preference, using the Ultra Downy Infusions! The Ultra Downy Infusions basically function to add layers of softness to your clothes, but they also have their own scents that, when paired with Downy Unstopables, will create such a distinctive and unique floral accord. On the other hand, Gain Fireworks is only available in Original, Moonlight Breeze, and Wildflower & Waterfall. The scents are also great and pleasant, but there are just limited choices.

- Provided lasting fresh scent to your laundry
- 12 weeks of freshness
- HE compatible
- Fresh scent boosters
- Get up to 12 weeks of freshness in every load of laundry
- Enjoy the matching Gain Original scent in detergent
- Gain Original scent freshens every fabric with a bright
- Take the great scent of Gain all around your house with products made

Downy Unstopables vs Gain Fireworks
Both Downy Unstopables and Gain Fireworks are great. They have excellent, strong scents. However, Downy Unstopables can be the winner here since it comes with more scent choices, and it can also be paired well with the Ultra Downy Infusions. Use just a few beads if you don’t want to smell all floral, but you can use more if the scent suits your favorite perfume.