Crest vs Opalescence

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Things that make the best teeth whitening products is currently not a big secret. Based on the American Dental Association and the dentists we discuss with, Just on hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, it will work. The main difference between treatments is the total of peroxide and their method of delivery: trays, strips, or a paint-it-on approach. How about the difference on product of whitening teeth like Crest vs Opalescence? On this article, we provide what we wrote currently and you can find it on the following below.

Crest vs Opalescence

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects consisting of 20 strips to top and bottom teeth. You can wear it for the next 10 days for maximum results. Why pay for professional teeth whitening treatments? Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips are an effective way for whitening your teeth, because they’re formulated with the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips can deliver professional-level teeth whitening results at home, it can back your 14 years of stains for a whiter smile and also give you results that last 12 months and beyond. The strips on Crest mold to the shape of your teeth and come off cleanly. It uses the same enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists recommend. There is an advanced Seal Technology with no slip grip stays put, absolutely no slipping and no sliding. Crest 3D whitestrips are also very easy to use just whiten while you walk, talk, work, even you can drink water while you are using Crest. (Read also : Crest Whitestrips vs Rembrandt)

Opalescence offers one of the most popular and arguably the best take-away professional whitening products on the market. It is made by Ultradent and is available in 10%, 10% PF, 15% PF, 20% PF and 35% PF carbamide peroxide concentrations according to your bleaching and oral health needs. This procedure also provides you with a custom-made mouth tray that your dentist will be suitable for you to ensure maximum gel contact in-gear when you wear it at home. Higher concentration formulas can most definitely cause tooth sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity, you should tell your dentist and try a more concentrated formula of 10%. Another option is to use a desensitizer. The Opalescence has timed sustained release for 8-10 hours. It is recommended to overnight whitening, whenever possible, due to ongoing product release formulas. It is not recommended especially for overnight bleaching with 20% and 35% formula, as it can cause severe sensitivity. Consult your dentist about this. Results are often seen after just one night. Because this product uses a custom composing tray, it is considered “gold standard” on the teeth. If you have been disappointed by over-the-counter products, we highly recommend this product.

- Use once a day for 30 minutes
- Removes 14 years of teeth stains for a whiter smile
- Delivers professional-level teeth whitening results

Crest Pro Strip whitening system would be great best and cheapest way for you to whiten your teeth. They run about among $40 to $50 and should lighten your teeth by their 2 shades. If you have used the Opalescence paste with trays in order to whiten her teeth and it was very successful. However, you would need trays made in order to apply the material properly. But, the best advice will be given just from your dentist to get the best product for your teeth.