Costa Zane vs Brine

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Costa Del Mar is a renowned name in the industry of polarized sunglasses. They have produced high-quality sunglasses for sports and outdoor activities. Two models that are especially popular for fishing are Costa Zane and Costa Brine.Below, we will see the comparison between Costa Zane vs Brine to help you choose the most suitable sunglasses.

Read on below to find out about:
– The size and fit of each sunglasses
– The design and appearance of each sunglasses
– The features of Costa Zane vs Brine
– The available lens options on each model
– Whether these sunglasses are prescription-ready or not
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Size and Fit
The first important difference between Costa Zane vs Brine is the size and fit. Although both models here are said to have a large fit, they actually come with different dimensions. As the effect, depending on the size of your head, one may fit better than the other.

Costa Zane is generally larger. It is both wider and longer. The total frame width measures 130.3 mm, whereas the arm length is 121.3 mm. The bridge width is 18.6 mm. As the effect, this model is especially suitable for people with a large head. It may be a little bit loose if worn by someone with a small head size.

Costa Brine, on the other hand, is a little bit smaller. The total frame width is 126.7 mm, and the arm length is 117.6 mm. Its bridge width is a tad narrower at 18.5 mm – not a noticeable difference. Although this model falls in the category of large fit, it is more suitable for people with a head size that isn’t particularly large.

Field of View
The next difference between Costa Zane vs Brine is how wide the field of view that each model provides. This is directly affected by the size of the lens. A larger lens will give you a wider field of view, so that you can see more of your surrounding clearly. The edge of the field of view will be blocked by the frame.

Costa Zane is better in this aspect. It has larger lenses. As the effect, the field of view is wider, too. This model has a lens width of 61 mm and a lens height of 38.8 mm. This model allows you to see more things in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The lens size of Costa Brine is smaller. The lens width is ‘only’ 58.8 mm, and the lens height is 36 mm. To be fair, the difference is not that huge. You can still see everything in front of you clearly, and the lateral view is pretty good. But the field of view of Costa Brine is smaller than Costa Zane nonetheless.

Design and Color Choices
Costa Zane is available in fewer color choices. On the official website, there are 11 color choices, which combine several frame colors with different lens colors. There are Black, Tortoise (a pattern that is dominated with red), and Realtree Xtra Camo frames available. Note that the camo frame is only available on this model. The are many lens colors, including blue, green, copper, gray, silver copper, and silver sunrise options.

Costa Brine has more color choices. The official website provides 12 color choices of different combinations of frames and lens colors. There are Matte Black, Tortoise, Crystal Bronze, and Gunmetal frames. There are also a variety of lens colors, just like the ones on Costa Zane. Unfortunately, Costa Brine does not have the camo frame.

Lens Material
Both Costa Zane and Costa Brine provide two lens material options, 580G Lightwave Glass and 580P Polycarbonate. The 580G glass lenses can provide the best clarity, but it is a bit heavier. Costa’s glass lenses are scratch-proof, but you still need to be careful because it is prone to breaking if dropped. Meanwhile, the 580P polycarbonate lenses are the most lightweight and durable. They are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, smudge-free, and able to repel water and oil, while still having high clarity.

All lenses are polarized. The company claims that their 99.9% polarized lenses have the best efficiency, so that these lenses can effectively block reflective glares. Therefore, Costa’s sunglasses can help to reduce headaches and eyestrain.

You may also choose to get regular lenses or mirrored lenses. The regular, non-mirrored lenses are good for reducing glares in everyday situations. The mirrored lenses are very useful for activities under harsh sunlight and extended wearing sessions, such as when going fishing on open water or offshore. Costa claims that their mirrored lenses have multiple layers of thin film coatings, and are the most scratch-resistant mirrored lenses in the market.

Lens Types
Both Costa Zane and Costa Brine are prescription ready. If you have a particular eye condition, you can ask your ophthalmologist to make you a lens prescription. When buying the sunglasses, you can ask Costa to fit the frame with authentic Costa RX lenses according to the prescription. This is definitely very convenient.

However, Costa Zane is not available as reading glasses. If you are farsighted and you have difficulty reading, you need to ask for RX lenses. This is a bit inconvenient if you don’t want to get a prescription.

On the other hand, Costa Brine is available as reading glasses. There are three options, which are +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. So, if you just want a simple pair of reading glasses, Costa Brine may be more convenient. You don’t need to ask for specially made RX lenses. Just choose one of these Costa Brine Readers. But, of course, if your farsightedness is terrible, it is probably better to ask for RX lenses with a prescription.

Costa Zane vs Brine

- Made in USA
- Hand built and backed for life
- 100% UV protection and Polarized for superior clarity
- Patented Technology blocks blue and Yellow light for better clarity and color during fishing
- Base Curve: 8 base
- Prescription Able
- Size: Large
- Hinge Type: Integral; Lens Size: 59mm/35mm; Temple Length: 133mm; Bridge/DBL: 19mm/18mm

In general, Costa Zane is more recommended. This model has a larger field of view. The wide frame makes it suitable for people with a large head. There are several color options. You can get it with glass or polymer lenses. You can ask for Costa RX lenses if you need prescription lenses.