Costa Brine vs Harpoon

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Both of these sports sunglasses are suitable for fishing and water activities. However, Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon are not exactly identical. They come with different dimensions and features. So, between Costa Brine vs Harpoon, which one is better for you? Read the comparison below to find out.

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The size and fit of each model
– The frame design and comfort of each model
– The lens size of Costa Brine vs Harpoon
– The available frame colors on each model
– The lens options of Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon
– Which model that is generally more recommended

The first difference between Costa Brine vs Harpoon is the fit. The difference is very significant. While Costa Brine is already pretty large, Costa Harpoon is even larger. Consider this carefully when choosing your sunglasses. See also: Costa Brine vs Fathom.

Costa Brine measures 126.7 mm wide in total. The bridge width is 18.5mm. Now, that is generally considered as a large fit, but some people with a medium-large fit may still be able to wear it comfortably. The temple arm length is about 117.6 mm. Indeed, it does not reach very far behind your ears.

On the other hand, Costa Harpoon measures 128 mm wide in total. The bridge is very wide. It measures 20.1 mm. So, this model is only suitable for people who have a truly large fit. Otherwise, the sunglasses will be too loose and slip off constantly. This model has a temple arm length of 130 mm, which means that the arms reach further. If your head isn’t large enough, the arms may extend behind your head.

The overall shapes of Costa Brine vs Harpoon are similar. Both are sports sunglasses with wide, tall lenses. They are designed for hardcore anglers and water activities. They both have tough, durable TR-90 nylon frames that can withstand demanding conditions and full Hydrolite nose pads and temple pads to keep them in place.

They generally fit well. The Hydrolite material doesn’t slip, so the nose pads and temple pads will not let the sunglasses move around. In addition, both Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon have spring hinges that help to create a snug fit. They are comfortable and easy to fold.

But despite the similarities, there is a notable difference in their frame designs. Costa Brine has air vents on its frame, while Costa Harpoon doesn’t. As the effect, Costa Brine may feel more breathable. It will allow some air flow to your face and temples to prevent hotness. A possible disadvantage is that it won’t provide much shielding to your eyes against wind, so it is not really great for fast-action sports.

Without air vents, Costa Harpoon may feel a little bit hot. The large size of the frame is a factor that contributes to the slight hotness. Nevertheless, it will help to reduce harsh, dry air that may make your eyes sore.

Lens Size
Costa Brine is fitted with slightly smaller lenses. Each lens here measures 58.8 mm wide and 36 mm high. It is good. The sunglasses can provide good shades to shield your eyes from sunlight. The sunglasses also provide enough coverage to prevent some random glares from blinding your eyes. The field of view is good enough in both vertical and horizontal directions.

On the other hand, Costa Harpoon comes with larger lenses. Since the sunglasses have a very large fit, it is just natural that the lenses need to be large as well. Each of the lenses measures 61.5 mm wide and 36.7 mm high. Nevertheless, the effects of the increased lens size are not really significant.

Costa Harpoon does provide a wider field of view, especially in the horizontal directions. The coverage is supposed to be better, but in reality it isn’t that much. Still, the sunglasses can protect your eyes against sunlight and glares very well.

Frame Colors
Choosing the right color for the sunglasses frame is more of a personal preference. Different people like different colors. So, let’s take a look at what colors which are available on Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon.

The frame of Costa Brine is available in four color choices. They include Metal Black, Gunmetal, Tortoise, and Crystal Bronze. So, you have several options to choose from. You can match any frame color with any lens color.

On the other hand, the color choices on Costa Harpoon are much more limited. There are only two options here, which are Shiny Black and Tortoise. Fortunately, these options here can meet a wide range of styles. The Shiny Black variant can suit most people just fine. The Tortoise variant can be your choice if you want a fun Hawaiian look.

Lens Options
Both Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon can be fitted with 580G or 580P lenses. If you prefer the best clarity and scratch resistance, the 580G glass lenses are good, but you need to be careful because they may shatter if dropped. If you prefer lightweight shatterproof sunglasses with good clarity and scratch resistance, the 580P plastic lenses are great. Both lens materials are polarized.

Both models allow you to choose your lens color. There are at least 7 options available, which are blue mirror, green mirror, gray, gray silver mirror, copper, copper silver mirror, and sunrise silver mirror. For fishing and water sports, blue mirror and green mirror are usually recommended because of their excellent contrast.

However, if you need readers, you should choose Costa Brine. This model is available as readers, with three available magnification levels: +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. On the other hand, Costa Harpoon is not available as readers.

Both Costa Brine and Costa Harpoon are prescription ready. If you want the lenses to be made according to suit your eye condition, you can provide your lens prescription and ask for Costa RX lenses.

Costa Brine vs Harpoon

- Size: Large
- Hinge Type: Integral; Lens Size: 59mm/35mm
- Temple Length: 133mm; Bridge/DBL: 19mm/18mm
- Base Curve: 8 base, Prescription Able
- Made in US
- Costa's 580 Polycarbonate provides high clarity
- Green Mirror Polarized enhances vision and contrast
- 100% polarization kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain

In general, Costa Brine is more recommended. The size is suitable for most people. It has more frame colors to choose from. It is also more comfortable to wear, thanks to the air vents which allow some breathability. In addition, it is available as readers and is prescription ready.