Costa Brine vs Fathom

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Costa Brine and Costa Fathom are polarized sunglasses that look quite similar to each other. They both have a sports design. They are popular for various sports and outdoor activities, ranging from sunbathing to surfing to fishing. So, which one is better for you? Read the detailed comparison between Costa Brine vs Fathom below for the answer.

In this article, we are going to discuss about:
– The dimensions and fit of each model
– The lens size of each model
– The frame colors of Costa Brine vs Fathom
– What lens materials and colors that are available
– Which model that comes as readers
– Which model that is generally more recommended for you

The very first thing that you have to consider when choosing between Costa Brine vs Fathom is the frame fit. These two models fall into different categories. Costa Brine has a large fit, whereas Costa Fathom has a medium fit.

Costa Brine is an excellent choice if your fit is somewhere between medium and large. Although it is described to have a large fit, it is not as large as its sibling in Costa Zane vs Brine. The arm length, in particular, is not very long. This is more about the bridge width.

Costa Brine has a total frame width of 126.7 mm, with a bridge width of 18.5 mm. The bridge should be wide enough for most people, even if your nose is sharp-edged. However, it may be a bit too wide for people with a true medium fit. Meanwhile, the arm length is 117.6 mm, which is suitable for most people without being too long.

On the other hand, Costa Fathom is great if you have a true medium fit. One interesting fact is that the overall size of the frame is actually larger than Costa Brine’s frame. The reason why it is considered a true medium fit is the bridge, which is narrower, and the overall form which tends to fit snugly on your head.

The total frame width of Costa Fathom is 131.1 mm. The bridge width is 17.5 mm. The slightly narrower bridge allows the frame to fit snugly. The arm length is similar to that of Costa Brine, which is 117.6 mm.

Lens Size
The next difference between Costa Brine vs Fathom is the lens size. Some people may feel more comfortable with smaller lenses, which are generally lighter and do not put much pressure. However, larger lenses offer wider field of view and better peripheral vision, and they may contribute to a better fit.

Each lens on Costa Brine measures 58.8 mm wide and 36 mm tall. It is pretty wide and comfortable. It can already help to shield your eyes against harsh sunlight and wind. However, it is not as wide as Costa Fathom’s, so the peripheral vision and coverage are not as good.

Each lens of Costa Fathom measures 60.5 mm wide and 34.8 mm tall. The lenses are larger than the ones on Costa Brine. As the effect, the coverage is better. The lenses provide better protection against sunlight, glares from rogue angles, and wind. In addition, the field of view is also wider, and the peripheral vision is better. You can see more of your surrounding without having to turn your head.

Frame Colors
Most people are interested in sports sunglasses because they look cool. So, appearance is an important factor to consider here. You probably have a particular preference when it comes to the color of the frame.

Costa Brine has more frame colors. There are four options available, which are Matte Black, Crystal Bronze, Gunmetal, and Tortoise. You can match any frame color with any lens.

On the other hand, Costa Fathom only has two options, which are Matte Black and Tortoise. Although you can also choose any frame color and match it with any lens, the options here are much more limited.

Lens Colors
Just like other sunglasses from the company, there are two material options for Costa Brine and Costa Fathom, which are 580G Lightwave Glass and 580P Polycarbonate. What is the difference between the two?

580G Lightwave Glass is a glass material which offers the highest clarity and light transmission. The glass is scratch-proof, but it is a bit heavy and it may shatter if dropped. Meanwhile, 580P Polycarbonate lenses are much lighter and more durable (resistant to scratches, impacts, water, and oil) while still providing very high clarity.

All of Costa Del Mar’s lenses are 99.9% polarized for the best efficiency and performance in blocking reflective glares. These lenses can greatly reduce eyestrain and headaches that are often caused by harsh, bright lights. They are great for various outdoor activities.

Both Costa Brine and Costa Fathom have several color lens choices. For activities on open water, Blue Mirror and Green Mirror are the most suitable because of the enhanced contrast and cool tint. For everyday activities, Gray and Gray Silver Mirror are great – Copper Silver Mirror is also good for the purpose because it has a natural contrast. Copper lenses are good for variable light conditions. Sunrise Silver Mirror is especially suitable for low-light conditions due to the warm tint.

Costa Brine is available as readers. There are three magnification levels for you to choose, which are +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. So, this model is a great choice if you need polarized sunglasses that can also help you read. On the other hand, Costa Fathom is not available as readers, so you will need to ask for prescription lenses if you really need reading lenses.

Both Costa Brine and Costa Fathom are prescription-ready. If you are shortsighted or farsighted, you can ask for authentic Costa RX lenses that are made according to your lens prescription. Unlike the readers, which come with fixed magnification levels on both lenses, a pair of prescription lenses can have different powers to match your eyes’ needs.

Costa Brine vs Fathom

- Size: Large
- Hinge Type: Integral; Lens Size: 59mm/35mm; Temple Length: 133mm; Bridge/DBL: 19mm/18mm
- Base Curve: 8 base
- Plastic, Imported
- Prescription Able
- Size: Medium
- Hinge Type: Integral; Lens Size: 60mm/30mm; Temple Length: 133mm; Bridge/DBL: 17mm/16mm
- Base Curve: 8 base
- Frame Material: Nylon
- Prescription Able

In general, Costa Brine is more recommended. This model has a large fit, but the overall size is actually not really big. There are more options for the frame color here. It is available as readers, and it is prescription-ready.