Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley

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We are going to discuss the differences between two sunglasses models specifically designed for dedicated anglers, which are Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley. There are notable distinctions between these two models, such as the shape and fit. Hence, they are suitable for different people. Continue reading below to find out which one that is best for you.

What we will discuss below include:
– The design and build quality of each model
– The available frame options that each model provides
– The lens materials available for these sunglasses models
– Which model that can come as readers
– The size and fit of Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley
– Whether Costa Blackfin or Tuna Alley is better for you

Design and Build
The frames of Costa Blackfin and Costa Tuna Alley are lightweight yet very sturdy and durable. They are made from the company’s proprietary material, which is a co-injected bio-based nylon. This nylon also feels gentle and comfortable on the skin. See also: Costa Brine vs Harpoon.

In terms of design, you can see some resemblances between these two models. Both have wide and somewhat thick arms, which make them snug and stable.Even so, they are not completely identical. Costa Blackfin has wider, thicker arms. The frame portion that surrounds the lenses also looks thicker. As the effect, this frame is more suitable for people with a tall face.

You can find the brand logo on the side of each arm. The arm of Costa Blackfin is smoothly curved towards the rear end. This creates a distinctive sporty look.

Costa Tuna Alley isn’t as wide and thick. It looks relatively more streamlined. This frame is can look great on a wider range of people. It is especially recommended for people with a short or round face.

Costa Tuna Alley also has the brand logo on the side of each arm near the hinge. However, the arm design is different. It has a sharper, more pronounced crook that is closer to the traditional frame design. It looks sporty and also a bit classy.

Frame Options
Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley are available in several different frame colors. The Blackfin has six options. The Tuna Alley has eight options.

On Costa Blackfin, the six frame options are Matte Black, Matte Gray, Midnight Blue, Tortoise, Real tree Xtra Camo, and USA White. These options can suit many people with different styles and preferences. However, you can’t mix and match the frame colors and lens colors. You can only choose from the existing stocks.

On Costa Tuna Alley, the eight frame options are Matte Black, Blackout, Race Gray, Matte Steel Gray Metallic, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo, Tortoise, Shiny Crystal, and White. The cool thing about this model is that you can mix and match the frame colors and lens colors on the official website.

Even so, keep in mind that not all lens colors are available for every frame color. For example, the Matte Black variant of Costa Tuna Alley has green, blue, gray, and copper lens options, but the White variant only has green and blue lens options.

Lens Materials
Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley both are compatible with the company’s glass lenses and polycarbonate lenses. So, whichever model that you choose, you can order it to come with glass or polycarbonate lenses as desired. Each lens material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want the best clarity and scratch resistance, you should ask for 580G Lightwave Glass lenses. The company claims that these glass lenses provide the very best clarity, and that they are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than other glass lenses in the market. The glass lenses are scratch-proof. However, you should protect the sunglasses from impacts because glass lenses are not shatterproof.

If you prefer lightweight, comfortable, and durable lenses, ask for 580P Polycarbonate lenses. According to the company, their polycarbonate lenses come with the C-Wall molecular bond to enhance the scratch resistance. These polycarbonate lenses are naturally lightweight and impact-resistant, so they won’t easily break apart when dropped or pressed. The clarity is very good – most people will not notice a significant clarity difference when comparing Costa’s glass lenses and polycarbonate lenses because the polycarbonate lenses are really good.

If you are looking for readers sunglasses, you can exclude Costa Blackfin now. This model is not available as readers. However, it is still prescription-ready. It can be fitted with Costa RX lenses. So, if you want your sunglasses to be made according to a lens prescription from your ophthalmologist, Costa Blackfin is a viable option.

Costa Tuna Alley is available as readers and is prescription-ready. The readers are available in +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50 magnification levels. The readers are handy for farsighted people who want to see close distances clearly. Or, you can provide a lens prescription and ask for Costa RX lenses that are made specifically to correct your vision.

Size and Fit
Costa Blackfin has a large fit. The total frame width is 128.2 mm, and the bridge width is 18 mm. This model can fit people with a wide nose very well. The temple arm length is 114.7 mm. It does not reach very far behind the ears, but it still fits nicely and snugly.

Costa Tuna Alley is also described to have a large fit, but this model is actually more suitable for people between medium and large. The total frame width is 132.6 mm – it is actually wider than the Blackfin – but the bridge width is only 13 mm. The temple arm length is similar, which is 114.8 mm. It does not reach far behind the ears.

Costa Blackfin vs Tuna Alley

- Made in US
- Costa's 580 Polycarbonate
- Blue Mirror Polarized is best for bright
- Built by hand and backed for life
- Made in US
- Polarized Iridium
- Lens width: 60 millimeters
- Lens height: 41.1 millimeters

In general, Costa Tuna Alley is more recommended. This frame has a more streamlined design that is both sporty and classy. The build quality is great. It is lightweight and durable. It has more frame options, and you can mix and match the frame colors and lens colors. The fit is suitable for people between medium and large. It is available as readers and is prescription-ready.