Cornrow vs French Braid

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Fashions keep on changing with time not only in the modern world but also in the historical days. The world of today is becoming trendier and everyone wants to be seen wearing a new and fashionable thing.


As changes in the automobiles, clothing and other fashions keep changing, the world of hairstyles has not been left behind. Today let’s take a look at two majorly used hair styles and try to bring out some comparisons. They are Cornrow and French braid.

Cornrow are believed to have originated from Africa and used more widely in Asia. They were brought to places like America by the slaves while French braids are believed to be mostly used in the European nations. As compared to French braids, cornrows are easier to maintain since they only require good washing and careful oiling and can last for a week. They are braided underhand, use more portions of hair to braid, can be worn by both men and women, they take longer to braid, hair is braided very close to the scalp and they are formed in simple, straight lines but they can as well be formed in more complex designs according to one’s desire.

French Braid
On the other hand, French braid are believed to be easy to make and one can braid herself without any assistant, they are braided overhand, requires just some small portions of hair to make, they are mostly worn by women and they are viewed as the more elegant and sophisticated of the two.

Cornrow vs French Braid

CornrowFrench Braid
- Braided underhand- Braided overhand
- Using more portions of hair to braid- Requires just some small portions of hair to make
- Can be worn by both men and women- Mostly worn by women

See the differences between Cornrow vs French Braid on pictures :






In conclusion, it all depends on the taste, desire, and the lifestyle of the one wearing whatever type of fashion, because one must take into consideration different factors before choosing what type of hair style one will wear, there you have the comparison now it’s your turn to make a decision on the two cornrow or French braid.