Concealer vs Foundation

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When it comes to your makeup routine, most probably, you have been quite familiar with concealers and foundations. These are the must-have weapons in every makeup box. Both are indeed crucial tools in the magic.

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However, more often than what you would expect, a lot of people tend to use concealers and foundations interchangeably. This is not necessarily a big mistake. We certainly have ever used both for hiding blemishes and making a smooth, even base. But, they are actually made for different purposes.


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Concealer always comes in a liquid form. It functions exactly just like what its name suggests: to conceal. It is designed to hide the imperfections on the face, like zits, scars, and dark circles, with targeted and minimal application. Hence, concealer tends to be thicker and more opaque.


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Meanwhile, foundation functions to provide a smooth and even base to allow other makeups work more properly. It evens out the skin tone, improves the texture, and some products even have UV protection to shield you from the sun. There are tons of different shades, consistencies, and formulations available.

Concealer vs Foundation

- Functions to hide specific blemishes- Functions to make a smooth and even base
- Always comes in a liquid form- May come in liquid or powder
- Thicker and more opaque- Thinner, somewhat more translucent
- Applied to specific area- Applied evenly across the face

See the differences between Concealer vs Foundation on pictures :

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Usually, a foundation is used first. Foundation smoothes and evens out the surface more naturally, and it should not be replaced with concealer for this purpose. If the blemishes are hidden well, you are good to go. However, if some blemishes are still apparent, then you should apply some concealer. Concealer does a more effective and efficient job in hiding blemishes.