Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes

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Are you wondering whether clogging shoes and tap shoes are actually different or the same? Well, it is the question that is common to come up, especially among beginners in the world of clogging and tap dancing as well as lovers of the performance.

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes 1

Clogging and tap dancing themselves are basically different, despite both involving the sounds of shoes striking the floor to build the rhythm. In the general sense, clogging is more of a traditional art form while tap dancing is a part of urban culture. Thus, the shoes used are sort of different.

Clogging Shoes

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes a

Clogging is a folk dance that uses the dancer’s footwear percussively, either by striking the heel, toe, or both to the floor or each other, creating audible rhythms. A clogging shoe is often hard and sturdy so that it can endure the rough and heavy style of the dance. It typically has double taps.

Tap Shoes

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes b

Tap dancing is, similarly, a dance that features the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. However, there are two kinds of tap dancing: rhythm/jazz tap, which focuses on the musicality aspect, and Broadway tap, which focuses more on the dance moves. Tap shoes can be either split-soled or full-soled, but are generally flimsy. A tap shoe only has one tap.

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes

Clogging ShoesTap Shoes
- Often harder and sturdier- Usually softer and flimsier
- Have double taps on each shoe end- Have one tap on each shoe end
- Heavier due to having more taps- Lighter due to having fewer taps
- The sound is louder- The sound is gentler

See the differences between Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes on pictures :

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Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes 5

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes 4

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes 3

Clogging Shoes vs Tap Shoes 2

So, clogging shoes are made for heavier duties, being all solid and sturdy and featuring double taps. Meanwhile, tap shoes are somehow more delicate and only has one tap one each shoe end.

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