Clarisonic Mia vs Conair True Glow

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Facial tools so instrumental in beautifying an appearance because by doing a facial can make a pretty face glow and therefore as agent that also supports the development of such beauty would provide services in order to can make it easier for a woman get that product. Facial tool is also very suitable for those who have a business beauty salon because after all things related to the world of beauty will never be depleted even tend to thrive. Facial device selection can not indiscriminate because it will have a very big impact and serious when to choose wrong. Read the review and understand the most important thing is the specs before you buy it. You can read my review about the Clarisonic Mia vs Conair True Glow, in addition to adding to the knowledge, also become your reference as well.

Clarisonic Mia vs Conair True Glow

Clarisonic Mia
Clarisonic Mia is said to be 6 times more effective than using a hand to cleanse the face. Using patented sonic technology that oscillates at a rate of 300 moves-per-second and has a speed setting that works for everyone. Clarisonic Mia’s portable size helps in using it to clean without strain to hand. Sonic technology ensures that the dirt sitting in the innermost layer of the pores gets shaken off while retaining the natural elasticity of the skin. In addition to cleaning the dirt it also reduces the oily area on the skin and reduces dry patches and stains. It is good for all skin types and even for skin conditions like rosacea and acne. How about the features? There are an uncomplicated and easy to use cordless facial cleanser brush, 1 speed setting, and 1 year warranty. While the advantages you can get is about the fact that it is waterproof even in the shower directly use and also it is compatible with all kinds of Clarisonic brush heads existed.

Conair True Glow
Conair true light is a facial brush that adopts sonic technology to clean face and reduce dry or oily skin spots and visible stains. It keeps skin clean and prevents clogging of pores and blackheads by deep cleaning using 300 oscillations per second. The oscillations are so fast that shakes from the dirt easily from the deepest areas of the pores and eliminates it easily. The true light conair comes with charging stands and free wires while using anywhere even under the shower as it is completely waterproof. The hotel has 3 different speed settings and a 60 second timer which helps in delivering the highest quality results. It is clinically tested for positive results and approved dermatologist. There are several features in the Blue Conair such as Cordless, home refills of high performance brush cleaning, and 3 speed settings. The benefits also claim to be waterproof that can be used in the bathroom and have more than 300 oscillations per second. The hotel also comes with 2 heads facial brush and 2 body brush heads. Plus, the built-in timer shows you to move to many areas of your face.

- Clarisonic's patented micro-massage motion works within skin's natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities traditional cleansing methods leave behind
- Cleanses 6x better than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds
- Skin is softer, smoother and more beautiful
- Prepares skin for better absorption of creams, serums and moisturizers. Gentle enough to use 2x a day
- Clinically proven and dermatologist tested to remove 98% of environmental toxins, 30% redness reduction, and 30% visible pore size reduction
- Sonic advantage: Brush head operates at 300 oscillations per second for professional facial cleansing action
- Gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen keeping skin clear and preventing clogged pores and blackheads from developing
- Automatic even cleanse timer tells you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds

If you want a long lasting facial machine, you can choose Clarisonic Mia, because it might have average life expectancy of the product is 1 year or even more. While Conair True Glow just can last not more than 6 months then after that you need to change with the new facial skincare system soon. Therefore, there is no matter if you must pay a bit higher price for Clarisonic Mia since it will accompany you longer than Conai True Glow.