Cetaphil Moisturizer Vs Lacto Calamine

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Moisturizing helps your skin to stay healthy and prevent some problems. Skin moisturizers are widely available and formulated to meet the skin’s needs, such as Cetaphil Moisturizer Vs Lacto Calamine suitable for normal to oily skin. These moisturizers are designed to be comfortable and perfect for daily application. If you have skin prone to oiliness, let’s see what these moisturizers can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is the Importance of Skin Moisturizer
  • What are Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine
  • How is the Consistency of Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine
  • How is the Applying Experience of Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine
  • What are the Ingredients of Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine
  • How is the Experience with Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine
  • Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine

Skin Moisturizer

Skin health is not purely aesthetic because damaged skin cause discomfort. It usually doesn’t take much to treat the skin properly because cleaning and moisturizing it is usually enough to make our skin look naturally healthy. But, for some people, there may be some skin troubles that need to be addressed, such as dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, etc. Not everyone is fond of moisturizers despite their beneficial purpose, but this also doesn’t mean that we should skip this basic skincare routine.

As the name suggests, skin moisturizers are meant to prevent the loss of water located on the outermost of our skin or the stratum corneum. It is also helpful to avoid environmental damage to the surface or act as a protective shield. Moisturizers vary widely in thickness and potency; some are made mostly of water, some have a high protein concentration, and some are dominant in lipid or fatty substances. All of them are specified to be used for different skins.

What to keep in mind is to not over-moisturize the skin, and the moisturizer should not be the only product in your skincare routine as well. Make sure to use a product that acts as an exfoliator to promote skin turnover because moisturizers may prevent your skin from shedding naturally; hence sometimes, it makes the skin dull. Use your moisturizer about a nickel size for the whole face to avoid overusing it. Applying too much moisturizer may leave your skin feeling greasy, potentially leading to breakouts.

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About Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine

Like most skincare products, it is wise to find the solution that matches the skin’s problem or your concern and combine a few or several products to build an ideal skincare routine. To ensure our skin is properly moisturized and protected from environmental damage, we should apply moisturizer daily after cleansing. It can seal the moisture stripped by the face wash and water and make your skin comfortable, especially during the cold season or if you have dehydrated skin.

For those with normal or oily skin, you want to look for a solution with a lighter consistency to prevent greasiness or leave the skin feeling tacky after application. This type of moisturizer is usually water-based, but even similarly water-based products don’t always feel the same on skin or work equally well. Some of the most popular water-based face moisturizers are Cetaphil moisturizer and Lacto Calamine. Lacto Calamine comes from Piramal, an Indian famous consumer products manufacturer.

Unlike Cetaphil, which is often chosen for its sensitive-skin friendly products, the Lacto Calamine is well-known for its oily-skin solutions such as this Oil Control Kaolin Clay moisturizer. The Cetaphil lotion we have today is their body and face light lotion which is versatile if you prefer to use a 2-in-1 solution. This lotion is designed to be light enough on face skin and hydrating enough to be a body lotion. It is more expensive than typical body lotion, so we only use it on selective parts.

For the Lacto Calamine, this is a face moisturizer only, and besides the Oil Control, there is another variant for skin balancing if your skin has an imbalanced pH level. The balancing lotion is designed for oily skin, while the Oil Control is suitable for normal to oily skin. Unlike Cetaphil, the main focus of Lacto Calamine is also to control excess oil while keeping the skin’s moisture barrier.

Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine Solution

Because this Cetaphil lotion is made for the body and face, the bottle is also noticeably larger. You can find the lotion in several sizes, including the smaller 8 oz to try before investing in the 16 or 20 oz bottle. The solution has no distinct scent because it is fragrance-free, so if your nose is sensitive to perfume, this lotion will be safer to use. The lotion is thick, almost like a cream, and not runny. What’s strange is that some people find their lotions watered down or lighter.

On the other hand, Lacto Calamine is lighter or watery. It will slide down your palm when you tilt it and is very light. The balancing variant has this purple tint, which is not transferring to the skin but probably improves or even the skin tone slightly. The Oil Control or green variant is white and thicker, so it is not as runny, but both are not changing the skin tone. However, they will leave the skin damp, which makes face powder or makeup stick better.

Applying Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine

Applying these lotions on the skin is easy; they are not thick, so blending and spreading the moisturizers don’t take long, especially for the Lacto Calamine. Because this is a face lotion, we only apply it on face skin. It feels like most moisturizers but is lighter and somehow reminds us of a Nivea body lotion. There is no white cast, and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or tacky. The lotion seems to have a fast-drying effect compared to Cetaphil’s.

The Cetaphil’s moisturizer is for the body and face, but it doesn’t feel as comfortable on our face. We have oily skin that usually becomes greasy around the T-zone area. This lotion feels a bit heavy on our face skin, and it also takes longer to dry or settle. However, the moisturizer is excellent as body lotion, and while it doesn’t dry as quickly, we have no complaint about how it keeps our skin hydrated and soft. Read also: Cetaphil Moisturizer Vs Aveeno here.

Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine Ingredients

We have different skin types, and it is wise to choose skincare products based on what your skin needs. The Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine are water-based. Cetaphil is made of water, glycerin, hydrogenated polyisobutene, refined macadamia oil, and many more. It also contains citric acid as the last ingredient on the list. Lacto Calamine is made of water, light kaolin, sorbitol solution, propylene glycol, glycerin, aloe vera gel, castor oil, zinc oxide, perfume, and additional ingredients like perfume and preservatives.

The star ingredient of Lacto Calamine is kaolin clay which is well-known among oily skin types. This is usually used in a face mask to help clear oiliness and reduce greasy appearance while smoothing the surface too. The kaolin clay offers a gentle solution, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and anti-bacterial with healing benefits. It seems to be useful for skin rashes and irritation. It is gentle and safe for sensitive skin but not for dry skin because it may irritate the already dry surface.

Cetaphil’s main ingredients help bind moisture to your skin and prevent moisture loss. The solution is beneficial to maintain moisture throughout the day while providing a barrier on the outer layer of the skin. Since it is free of lanolin and fragrance, the lotion is safe for people with sensitive skin or skin issues like eczema or psoriasis.

Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine on Skin

Applying Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine moisturizers on the skin help maintain the moisture, but they are pretty different. Cetaphil’s primary focus is providing a protection layer to keep skin’s natural moisture and providing aid. It is very hydrating and effective but probably not for all skin types moreover, if you use it on the face. We find it a bit greasy and heavy, at least on oily skin. Cetaphil also took longer to dry when applied to the face.

However, it works very well as body lotion and is perfect for very dry areas such as knees and elbows. Lacto Calamine is a face moisturizer, so it is only for face application. The lotion is rapid drying and light. It has a slight powdery feel on our skin, probably from the kaolin clay, but we don’t see a white cast affecting our skin tone. It has a mattifying effect and prevents oiliness for a few hours.

Cetaphil Moisturizer Vs Lacto Calamine

Both Cetaphil Moisturizer and Lacto Calamine are beneficial moisturizers, but they are not made for the same skin type. We think Lacto Calamine is ideal for oily skin, while Cetaphil is more suitable for normal to dry skin. The Cetaphil’s rich formulation is excellent to maintain and provide moisture longer, while Lacto Calamine, with its oil-absorbing effect, will be great for people with oily skin who struggle to keep their skin matte. They are easy to apply, but we need to wait longer for Cetaphil to set or dry on face skin.

- Cetaphil BODY MOISTURIZING LOTION: Fast absorbing and non-greasy, lightweight body lotion provides instant and long lasting hydration for all skin types
- INSTANT AND LONG LASTING 24 HOUR HYDRATION: Binds water to the skin, preventing moisture loss to hydrate and protect skin from dryness
- IDEAL FOR USE ON THE ENTIRE BODY: Non-greasy, fragrance free and paraben free formula absorbs quickly and is excellent for hands, feet, elbows and knees
- COMPLETELY RESTORES THE SKIN BARRIER IN 1 WEEK: This unique formula is enriched with 6 moisturizers and skin essential Vitamins E & B5 to provide continuous hydration
- Lacto Calamine helps you absorb excess oil while retaining essential oil, maintaining good skin health.
- Lacto Calamine helps you face up to dust and pollution by making your skin oil balanced on an everyday basis.
- Presence of zinc oxide in Lacto Calamine lotion helps to unclog pores and prevent bacterial growth.
- Glycerin as an ingredient holds the perfect amount of moisture required to hydrate your oily skin without imparting any greasiness.


It is wise to choose skincare based on our skin type. We recommend Lacto Calamine if you have normal to oily skin and need a moisturizer with a drying effect. But, if you have sensitive or dry skin, the Cetaphil moisturizer is both safer and richer to provide a barrier.