Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer

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One of the most important hair-styling tools that everybody should have ready in their weaponry is the hair dryer. Chance is, if you own a hair dryer, you will use it just like everyday, either for drying your soaking wet hair after bathing, setting curls, or blowing your bangs.

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 4

However, there are several types of hair dryers out there. Not all of them are the same. Two kinds of hair dryers that are very popular on the market nowadays are the ceramic hair dryer and ionic hair dryer and. Make sure that you are aware of the differences between the two!

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer a

A ceramic hair dryer makes use of heating elements that are made of ceramic. The heating elements function to warm the air, creating an even and controlled heat into the air that will be blown out. Unlike traditional heating elements, ceramic is able to regulate the temperature better, with more stability, because ceramic is able to retain heat even when not being warmed actively. However, like traditional hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers also generate both positive and negative ions.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer b

On the other hand, an ionic hair dryer works by creating mostly negative ions into the air. Negative ions work to break down water molecules. In addition, negative ions are beneficial in the way that they don’t open up the cuticle of the hair shaft, helping the hair to remain smooth and lie flat. Due to the properties of negative ions, ionic hair dryers are able to dry the hair as well as the regular and ceramic counterparts, but by using much less heat.

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer

Ceramic Hair DryerIonic Hair Dryer
- Produces positive and negative ions- Produces mostly negative ions
- Dries out the hair using heat to evaporate the water molecules- Dries out the hair using negative ions, which can break down water molecules
- Tends to produce higher heat levels, which may damage prone hair- Tends to produce lower heat levels
- Especially useful for straightening the hair, as the heat is needed to alter the physicality of the hair- Especially useful for drying curly or wavy hair, or thick straight hair, without altering the physicality of the hair

See the differences between Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer on pictures :

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 5

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 3

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 2

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 1

Ceramic vs Ionic Hair Dryer 6

So, ceramic hair dryers work by using heat to evaporate the water molecules. The higher heat levels are beneficial if you want to straighten your hair, but be careful not to expose your hair to heat too much. On the other hand, ionic hair dryers use negative ions to break down the water molecules, and are suitable if you want to keep your current hair style.

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