Camelbak Mule vs Osprey Raptor

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So, you are now looking for a nice, comfy hydration pack. After carefully browsing through the market, you have narrowed your choices down to Camelbak Mule and Osprey Raptor. Of course, both of these products are among the best selling and most loved models in their price range. Camelbak Mule is popular because of the relatively affordable price and great capacity. On the other hand, Osprey Raptor is slightly more expensive, but it also offers exceptional comfort and spacious storage. So, should you go with Camelbak Mule or Osprey Raptor? Find the answer by reading the comparison below.

Camelbak Mule vs Osprey Raptor

Camelbak Mule is available in several fancy color variants, such as Charcoal, Andean Toucan, Parisian Night Exuberance, Barbados Cherry, and Electric Blue. It claims to be the perfect balance of cargo and hydration, featuring an iconic narrow gauge design. The antidote reservoir has the Quick Link system and easy open/close cap. It also has a magnetic tube trap, bike tool organizer pocket, and four-point compression. It has three interior slip pockets, three exterior pockets, and helmet hooks. Camelbak Mule has been designed for carrying helmet, spare tube, pump, multi-tool, lunch, phone, and keys.

On the other hand, Osprey Raptor is available in fewer color variants: Black, Persian Blue, and Red Pepper. It features a blinker light attachment near the base of the front panel so that you can install a light attachment for visibility in a dark environment. It also features side compression straps to stabilize loads and lower cross compression straps that also act as external gear carry straps. A removable roll-out tool pouch has a dedicated zippered lower pocket for quick access, providing tool organization for bike essentials. It has three interior slip pockets, five exterior pockets, and the lid lock attachment for helmets.

Camelbak Mule is sufficiently rugged and functional. The hydration system is very easy to access, allowing you to stay hydrated without much effort as you go. It is also quite comfy, and the capacity is wide enough for the things it is intended to carry. However, it sits a little bit high on your back, and can sometimes get in the way of your movement.

Osprey Raptor is noticeably more comfortable, thanks to the sophisticated design. It sits slightly lower and distributes the weight very well not to tire your back. It also has plenty of room. If you need some more space for additional equipment, you can just push things down the bag and you get what you need. It is also very rugged and durable.

- Designed to carry helmet, Multi-tool, pump, Spare tube, extra layer, lunch, phone, keys
- Camelbak Got your Bak guarantee: if we build it, we'll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee
- Key pack features: xv back panel, magnetic tube trap, bike tool organizer pocket, four-point compression, helmet hooks
- Osprey's lid lock attachment easily and securely carries bicycle helmets
- The blinker light attachment found near the base of the front panel
- A removable roll-out tool pouch is integrated into its own zippered lower pocket for Quick access. It provides tool organization for bike essentials

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Osprey Raptor. It has a more comfortable design and more storage space.