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To the man who doesn’t know any better, a blazer jacket and a sports jacket indeed look very similar to each other. Most people think so, and they also think that the two have the same function, thus can be used interchangeably. Unfortunately, some sales personnel also don’t know exactly the differences.

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However, blazer jackets and sports jackets are indeed different. These particular details make one of them better suited for a specific occasion, while the other for another occasion. Don’t worry! We will discuss their unique properties here so that you will be able to tell which one is best for your next social event.

Blazer Jacket

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A blazer jacket is usually a step lower than a typical suit jacket. Also, unlike a suit jacket, a blazer jacket is not made with a matching pair of trousers, making it compatible with multiple types of trousers. However, it is still more formal than a sports jacket. A blazer jacket is pretty loose and not very structured. It comes in navy blue as the norm, but there are also other colors on the market. Meanwhile, the buttons are usually gold, silver, or pearl. A blazer jacket is great when a suit jacket is not appropriate but you still need to dress up, such as in sporting or weekend events.

Sport Jacket

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On the other hand, sports jackets are originally worn by sporting gentlemen. A sports jacket is always loose enough to allow for other layerings underneath, such as a sweater. Due to the purpose, a sports jacket is meant to look more rugged, thus sturdier fabrics are used as the material. The color varies, from brown, green, gray, blue, to checked patterns.A sports jacket also tends to have pleats, arm patches, pockets, and a short lapel that can cover the chest and neck. A sports jacket is more casual than a blazer jacket, so it is only suitable for a number of casual and slightly dressy occasions.

Blazer vs Sport Jacket

Blazer JacketSport Jacket
- Has a pretty loose fit and not very structured- Is relatively looser to allow other garments underneath
- Usually comes in navy blue, though there are other color variants- Usually comes in brown, green, gray, blue, or checked patterns
- Looks smoother and more delicate- Is more rugged
- More formal, suitable for events where a suit is not appropriate- More casual, suitable only for casual and slightly dressy occasions

See the differences between Blazer vs Sport Jacket on pictures :

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So, now you are aware of the differences between a blazer jacket and a sports jacket. A blazer jacket is more formal, while a sports jacket is much more casual.