Bikini Wax vs Shaving

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So, you have showered, washed your hair, put on some deodorant and perfume. But have you treat and groom your more intimate area? Cleansing and grooming the area is just as important, if not more. There several kinds of treatment and grooming methods and products that you can use.

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Two that are the most popular are bikini waxing and shaving. Basically, both bikini waxing and shaving are done for the same purpose, which is to get rid of the unsightly hair on the area. However, they are done in different ways than each other. Depending on your needs and preferences, one may be more suitable for you than the other.

Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax vs Shaving a

Bikini wax is a cosmetic treatment that is done to remove unwanted pubic hair from the bikini line by applying hot wax there, then peeling off the wax along with the hair altogether. Because of that, bikini wax is able to remove hair from the roots, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting result.


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Shaving is the act of removing hair on the desired area by using a razor or any other kind of bladed tool. Shaving is done to cut the hair down to the level of the skin. Shaving usually involves getting the area wet with warm or hot water, either by showering, bathing, or using towel, and then applying a lathering or lubricating agent like cream, shaving soap, foam, gel, or oil – though electric shavers may not need these preparations.

Bikini Wax vs Shaving

Bikini WaxShaving
- Requires a lot of equipment, such as the wax, applicators, heater, strips, powder or oil, and wax remover- Relatively easier to be done – you just need a high-quality razor, a good shaving gel or cream, and some water
- Usually takes a longer time- Relatively faster to be done
- Quite pricey, especially if done by a professional service- More affordable, depending on what and how many products you use
- Quite more painful because it pulls the hair from the follicles- Usually painless, though you need to be careful not to make any nick or cut
- The result is much longer-lasting, can last up to six weeks- Hair may start to grow back within a few days

See the differences between Bikini Wax vs Shaving on pictures :

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In general, bikini wax is a great way to go because it delivers an excellent long-lasting result. It can be done if you have some spare time to spend. If you have little or no time but need to get rid of the hair, then shaving is always handy.