Bikini vs Underwear

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Spend holiday in the beach and we see that a lot of women wear bikini with some colors and design. Women lay on the beach with beautiful bikini make women look more sexy. Today culture is acceptable women to wear bikini in public beach.


Women are shy when someone seeing them in their underwear but they do not have problem if to be seen in bikini or swimming suit. Bikini and underwear are not same. There are some differences between of them.



Bikini or swimming suit is designed to make woman look sexy. Material and design with a lot of color to make woman look sexy. Bikini is two piece swimming suit for woman wear in a pool or on the beach. It is costume of outerwear and the style can either be panties or swim bottoms. Bikini is made of garment that is fashionable and interesting.



While underwear is designed for comfortable when sleep in bed with husband, this clothing in private. That’s why women will feel shy if someone see them in wearing underwear because underwear is private. Underwear is clothing with purpose is practically and comfort. The type of garment is worn close to the skin. Bikini is made of garment that is fashionable and interesting.

Bikini vs Underwear

- Clothing as swimming suit- Clothing for daily
- It is designed for making women tobe sexy- It is designed for making women feel comfortable
- Outerwear for swimming pool or beach- Underwear is privat clothing

See the differences between Bikini vs Underwear on pictures :




Although some people look both of them very similar to each other but they are not same in design and function. If you go holiday on the beach so you have to wear bikini and do not wear underwear. And do not wear bikini as underwear because underwear is not designed for comfortable in using daily.