BH Cosmetics vs Shany

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If you are the beginner of make up you should looking for the place that you can get many references to know about the make up equippment. What should you use on your cheek, your eye, your lips to make them shining bright. Eye is the main part of your face which we should keep it be alive so when we have eye contcat with the people we are confident.


BH cosmetics and Shany has the eyeshadow pallete make up series. If you are the people who love coloring your eyes or you are make up professional you should need so much color because sometimes eyeshadow need for suitable with the event and also with the color of your cloth or your client cloth. Both of this brand has the eyeshadow pallete series which contaisn of 120 color of eye shadow. BH Cosmetics named BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshdaow Pallete, it has produce in many edition the lates edition is sixth edition they produce the pallete. While Shany name it Shany Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Pallete. I think its amazing has 120 color that we can mix the color which we wanna use in our event. (See also : BH Cosmetics vs Sedona Lace)

Shany Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Pallete consist of 60 natural colors and 60 original neon eyeshadow colors. It made from a natural mineral base, the vivid colors of the eye shadow pallete will last for hours. The pigmented result can you get from this amazing pallete. Its vegan, allergy tested and praben free. Its has amazing quality.

BH Cosmetics eyeshadows pallete has many edition but now I talk to you about the sixth edition. If we see the first edition until sixth edition it full of color. Beautiful color offering by this product, so you can choose which you like or which the color is yours. In the sixth edition it collection of satins, shimmer and matte Pigmented looks can get from these pallete.

BH cosmetics case equipped with the mirror in there and the most of pallete is fill in the middle of pallet, I don’t really like it because it makes susceptible fall down and broken easy. In Shany Ultimate case design like book just opened.

- 18 baked eyeshadows
- Range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue
- Highly pigmented colors
- 120 Color Eye shadow Palette
- 60 Natural Colors and 60 Original neon eyeshadow colors
- Great for Neutral makeup application, nude makeup application

BH Cosmetics vs Shany
BH Cosmestics and Shany is the best make up eyeshadow choice for you, it contains of many color in. If you are the woman who love the bright color in fusion you can go the to both of this eyeshadows. If you are fanatic make up with a fusion you can go choose the Shany which has the great result for the fusion. If you doesn’t really like bright color on your eye you can go with BH cosmetics eyeshadow which offer many edition that you can choose which one the color of you.