BH Cosmetics vs Sedona Lace

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In this modern life, make up is very important for woman to support our daily life. Nowadays, make up is all woman need, sometimes woman collect make up not only for make their look beautiful but because we love the little things unique in their make up pocket. I am who often buy make up because I love it but I don’t really need it.


If you are a girl who loves make up so much, its very important for you to have a make up set. Get the best make up result is all woman wanted, because it related with our face which the main important part of our body. We should choose the best thing so that our face doesn’t get allergy.

BH cosmetics and Sedona Lace has the make up brush set series. Many review has talking about this make up brush set, Sedona Lace Vortex Professional is the best choose for professional one in their job. This brush equipped with the brush set bag that make it regular and you don’t have to worry your brush will be untidy. Inside the bag, it consist of thirteen brushes that is jumbo fan face brush, tulip contour face brush, dome contour face brush, flat top buffer face brush, universal blender, eye brush, flat synthetic eye brush, synthetic blender eye brush, pointed creased eye brush, brow spoolie duo eye brush, bent liner eye brush, detailed shade eye brush, angled detail eye brush and capped lip brush. Even you are not a professional make up yo can also use this brush because its easy apply on your face.

If we compare with professional brush set of BH cosmetics the choice can be fall down with BH Cosmetics Pro Artist Brush Belt, it also has the brush set bag make your brush be neat. If we look the other brushes of BH cosmetics they has the unique design of the brush set containers. It more consist of the brush there is 17 brush contains of.

- 18 baked eyeshadows
- Range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue
- Highly pigmented colors
- 20 shades
- 16 eye shadow
- 4 blush

BH Cosmetics vs Sedona Lace
Both of this make up brushes set is very good quality for you as a professional, it’s also okay for you if you are the beginner for make up to have this brushes. For best selling most of people loves buy BH cosmetics because you can get the brush set with inexpensive enough price in many contains of it. Some of few woman not too like buy Sedona Lace because the price more expensive than BH Cosmetics, It’s back to you wanna go with by one of this product.