Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

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Bronzer generally have a shimmery effect gives a glossy effect on the face. Now, the bronzer matte effects with different appearances so that you will be more confident to use it during the day. Matte bronzer product collections offered by the Benefit. Benefit Cosmetics creates the most amazing products, from makeup to skin care items! They are usually known for their catchy cute packaging. Benefit Hoola Bronzer bronzer product range is composed of a variety of options, liquid bronzer to shape for the body. Hoola Bronzer Matte was first released 13 years ago, but now his new products have the option of a smaller size. The products sold on the market of international beauty that often get the award for best bronzer products. Starting from these products, Benefit want to repeat the success with the release of products other bronzer Features.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Packaging is very easy to use. It has the same design as the blushing other benefits. It has a small mirror in the large. You would find it difficulty to use powder for packaging does not allow you to create a Swatch with your fingers because the powder is at the bottom of the box. However, Benefits increased Hoola Bronzer Powder Packaging by putting more on a box. Applying is very easy, you can use any type of brush depends on where you want to apply. You would better prefer to use a brush itself is not one that comes with Hoola Bronzer. A feather is too hard and scratchy for your skin and you will not find it easy to blend in with it. The powder is very easy to blend and does not smell unpleasant. However, you did have some problems at first because it seemed very evenly on your skin, but it looked well-blended on the skin when you use a different brush. You can build a product without making it look cakey and you will still have a very natural look. Powders remain on long enough depending on the area where you applied or primers used. When you contour your nose with Hoola bronzer disappears within a few hours, while your cheek bronzer will remain on all day!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Matte is a bronzer can be used on the Chic and cheeks to give the appearance of healthy as well as “a natural-looking tan” that is natural. The end result of this is a matte bronzer, no rays or glowing. It is such a great thing to use for counturing. Bronzer is already equipped with a brush made of natural fur in it. Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a perfect bronze. It is matte shade thats not too warm so doesn’t leave a shimmer or glittery effect on your face. Looks very natural on the skin. Comes with a handy little brush & mirror, blending easily for a smooth bronzed. Lil bit pricey, but the quality make this totally worth its price. The smoothing effects and lightweight, buildable texture can be applied on bare skin or over foundation for a shimmerless, sunkissed glow. Apply the universal shade on any skintone for a sheer, seamless, natural-looking tan.

- Bronzer with brush - Contour and highlight - Face Slimming - 28 ounces - Year round tan

Benefit Hoola Bronzing is highly recommended. Perhaps, some of you might not want to spend so much for a bronzer, but you will have no regret until you try this bronzer and it is totally well worth it with the score 5/5. Have you tried the Hoola bronzing powder? Or are you planning to get it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it! Specifications of Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Specifications for Benefit Hoola Bronzer :
· Iron Oxides
· Talc
· Zinc Stearate
· Ethylhexyl Palmitate
· Titanium Dioxide
· Dimethicone
· Manganese Violet
· Methylparaben
· Sodium Dehydroacetate
· Boron Nitride
· Propylparaben
· Butylparaben

Pros of Benefit Hoola Bronzer
· Matte.
· Relatively pale bronzer which is awesome for contouring and this can be built up.
· Be careful not to use a heavy hand with this
· Good for contouring with pale skin(and also probably tanned skin as well)

Price of Benefit Hoola Bronzer
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