Bellroy Note Sleeve Review: Well-Designed, Light, and Comfortable Wallet

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People have a different desire in the products, in term of wallet, customers usually prefer a clean and neat wallet which fit with our side pocket. Other than that is about its security, price, the design, and probably its material. The bad news is that many customers are buying the market without seeing the reality behind the product, whereas many wallets which give low price are using a bad material. You maybe have noticed that a bad material wallets will result in short term usage which you probably will dump it and buy a new one again. The market will love this, but not your budget. So, in this case, we offer you a trustworthy wallet, Bellroy Not Sleeve. This wallet has been known its good design which is thin but can hold many in it. Other than its design, Bellroy uses the balance material which has considered both the cost and comfort aspect. So if you are interested in Bellroy, let’s see the explanation below.

Bellroy Note Sleeve review

Bellroy is a really comfortable wallet for your pocket. It fits nicely between the leather and your outfit. It is probably because of Bellroy’s design which eliminating the leather which then limits its thickness. Naturally, you can feel that it has an entirely different design from the traditional bi-fold wallet. The plus point is that Bellroy can carry the same amount like those traditional wallets even without its minimal thickness design. Other words which can describe Bellroy are the thin and light, whereas both have become the essential characteristic of this wallet.

If you want a wallet which can stand for about five or ten years, then Bellroy is your choice. Not only that Bellroy’s price is pretty low for its class, but it also has a pretty neat and comfortable design which added the durability which can stand for long term usage. Bellroy overall performance is pretty good as it is suitable when carried in our pocket and it also can bring quite a lot too. But the downside is that Bellroy has quite a weak safety as it is really easy to lose your wallet because of its light and thin design. But as long as you being careful, this case probably won’t happen. Other than that, Bellroy is using the polymer material which has been widely used, this polymer material won’t harm you, but the animal skin material is still better. However considering that Bellroy is intended for the middle to upper class then it won’t be a problem.

- Slim profile, for those who want to streamline their pockets - Best suited to 4–11 cards plus flat bill- Made from environmentally certified top-grain leather and backed by a 3 year warranty

Bellroy Note Sleeve is probably your best choice for the high-quality wallet which has a lower price than the average in its class. You will find it light and comfortable when carried, and also you can save tons of items in it. So if you want a high-quality wallet but cannot get the right price, then Bellroy is probably intended for you.

Specifications of Bellroy Note Sleeve
Slim profile
Best suited for 4–11 cards and flat bills
6 quick-access slots for daily cards, a pull-tab section for the rest
Made from certified top-grain leather
Backed by a 3 year warranty
Measures 4 inches tall x 3.3 inches wide / 103 mm tall x 85 mm wide

Pros of Bellroy Note Sleeve
– Made from high-quality leather that is both stylish and durable
– Very slim, streamlined design
– Nice warranty period

Price of Bellroy Note Sleeve
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