Banana Boat Sunscreen vs Neutrogena

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The Sun is indeed beneficial to life. If, however, linger in the Sun, your skin could burn and could even suffer from skin cancer. You can protect your skin by wearing protective clothing or avoiding the sun shining in its strength. But there is another way that is also effective to protect your skin, i.e. the use of sunscreen is also known by the term sunscreen or sunblock that contains UV protection. Here’s two of the known brand already has a devoted clientele names in the heart, they are the Banana Boat Sunscreen vs. Neutrogena. To find out more how they face each other further exists on the review below.

banana boat sunscreen vs neutrogena

Banana Boat Sunscreen
Banana Boat Sunscreen, Sport Lotion provides long-lasting and water resistance protection for any sports activities. It may help to prevent sunburn and skin damage with the formula that delivers quick absorption and non greasy. Banana Boat Sunscreen suitable with its name and its function, namely to protect the skin from the dangers of UVA and UVB rays. Don’t worry if skin by wearing this you guys will be greasy, because this product is not greasy at all when applied on the skin. If you have a hobby or other activity is swimming related, this is the very water sunscreen or sweat resistant and waterproof well suited for swimming and other activities so that unnecessary by many times without smudging exposed to water and sweat. In addition to not stick, Banana Boat Sunscreen also quickly absorbs in Quick Absorption technology unit. This product is a sunblock with SPF that ever existed throughout history so that it can be the most long products protect the skin from sunlight, especially for those who live in an environment that is dominated by the summer.

Neutrogena Ultra Shher Sunscreen with Helioplex Technology is specially formulated to withstand the strong activity. This gives the protection spectrum UVA or UVB RAYS are superior durability from the water, rubbing, sweating, or swabs. The content of the Formula in it showing Micromesh Technology, which allows perspiration to pass through and evaporate the moment sunlight protection durable stay awake. What is the difference on the current one: RoC Retinol vs Neutrogena? Of course on the containing of SPF. This means that your skin stays naturally cool, comfortable and protected. With broad Spectrum SPF 50 + lotion sunscreen technology with Dry-Touch absorbs excess oil so that it feels clean, ultra-light and non gloss. This formula also features a clinically proven, Helioplex technology advanced sunblock with superior broad spectrum protection of the skin-aging due to UVA and UVB light skin is burned. Quickly absorb and hold water, not oily formula is also non-comedogenic and PABA-free so that the skin is more gentle, smooth, and shiny.

- Very water and sweat resistant
- Non-greasy
- Won’t run into eyes
- Also available in SPF 15 and SPF 50
- Two 3-fluid ounce bottles of sunscreen lotion
- Broad Spectrum SPF 45 helps prevent sunburn
- Helioplex Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection
- Dry-Touch technology for an ultra-light, shine-free finish

The best sunscreens should be qualified some characteristics like water resistant, broad spectrum lotions with an SPF of at least 30 or more. You will get bonus points if it leaves your skin feeling great. Regardless of which sunscreen you choose whether it is for Banana Boat or it is for Neutrogena. We know that if it comes to a lotion or something else, you must try it first to know which one is an ideal one.