Badlands 2200 vs Superday

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Badlands 2200 is a camouflage hunting pack ideal for your hunting trips. its versatile and can handle more gears with efficient access. Can hold 2310 cubic inch of luggage. It has got the full hydration system and keeps you comfortable all day long. It is rugged and comfortable to walk with. Has got separate zipper packs for handling liquids. The shoulder padding are extra thick to give the extra comfort. It has got the design to give ideal balance. Side compartments to carry stuff light flashlight, GPS, map and other essential tools and are easy access. There is side pocket to tuck in spotting scope to keep it nice and safe. Has got an internal aluminum frame that helps in giving stability while packing, the fabric used is strong, waterproof, and comes with no strings attached Badlands life long warranty.

Badlands 2200 vs Superday

Another extra feature is the built in meat shelf which is orange in color and will roll out and you can haul meat after its hunt. Can carry rifle and bow boot at the bottom for stability and strap it with cross straps for holding it lightly. It has got more to offer that what one can ask for.

This is another Badlands backpack hunting pack this product has been around since last15 years and has gone through improvement continuously over a period of time based on user feedback’s. Can hold 1950 cubic inch of luggage. The latest product is made to be more versatile and tough. New features include 3 straps at the back to strap pockets that carry 65mm spotting scope, other gears, hidden bow and rifle boot and is a lighter version of 2200 and side pockets for items that require quick and easy access such as license, range finder, etc. Another feature is the sidearm holster attaches to the hip and hydration system.

- Carries comfort with heavy load
- Versatile-with a bat-wing design
- Room for gear-the 2200 is full of pockets
- High quality craftsmanship unconditional lifetime warranty
- Technical specs
- Ultimate hunting daypack
- Hydration compatible
- Carries heavy loads with comfort
- High quality craftsmanship unconditional lifetime guarantee
- Technical specs

Badlands 2200 vs Superday
While Badlands 2200 and Superday both will serve specific purpose, Badlands 2200 will have better carrying, comfort and additional features and one can choose either of them based on their need.