Badlands 2200 vs Eberlestock X2

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Are you planning to go elk hunting in the next holiday season? If so, you need to equip yourself with a nice and reliable hunting backpack. Two of the best and most popular models on the market right now are Badlands 2200 and Eberlestock X2. These two models are relatively affordable, as they are both standing under two hundred dollars. Both are generally praised for their comfort, capacity, and performance. So, should you go with Badlands 2200 or Eberlestock X2? Find the answer below.

Badlands 2200 vs Eberlestock X2

Badlands 2200 has been designed with proper ergonomics in mind. It has a T-6 aluminum aircraft frame that integrates with your body’s natural ability to support weighty loads comfortably. It has a bat-wing design that can be very versatile. It can act as a daypack as well as a meat hauler. It has lots of room; there are many pockets, straps, and other compartments where you can put hunting essentials like scopes and tripods. There are also pistol holsters on each side and a meat shelf. The KXO-32 fabric material used is extremely strong, quiet, and waterproof, ensuring reliability in any weather condition. (Take a look: Badlands 2200 vs Superday)

On the other hand, Eberlestock X2 boasts its ability to go through field tests very well without a problem. It can take a serious load, including an elk quarter. You just need to bang the meat to the front of the pack with four quick buckles, and you are ready to go. It has a great suspension that creates nice comfort and performance. It has a full mesh back panel with pads in essential places, separated by a big air gap. It has wings that unveil two tuck pockets where you can put some tools for quick access. There is the FlexChassis at the bottom of the pack, which can be flipped forward to act as a seat or to cradle the bottom of the load strapped to the front of the pack.

The best things about Badlands 2200 are the capacity and versatility. It can take almost everything, and it can function well both as daypack and night pack. Unfortunately, the frame is not as sturdy as expected. Some users had problems with the frame breaking. So, it is not very reliable, especially since you are going to bring lots of weight in it.

On the other hand, Eberlestock X2 is best used as a daypack. It can perform as a night pack, but with some limitations and adaptations. Still, it is well-built. It does not have any durability issue. It is solid and sturdy, ready to take heavy loads. It is actually comfortable, but some people had difficulties in fitting the pack.

- Carries heavy load with comfort
- Versatile
- Room for gear
- High quality craftsmanship
- unconditional lifetime warranty
- Field test
- Suspension
- Pockets & storage
- Multi functions
- Ultimate convenience

Between these two back, we recommend you to choose Eberlestock X2. It has a better build quality. It is more durable and reliable.