Aeroblend vs Luminess

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Airbrush makeup is a cosmetic technique with a spout through the airbrush pen cosmetic ink driven by air through the compressor, giving rise to “fog” on the part of the face that you want. The same technique is also used in the technique of duco to tincture of cars, as well as in the world of painting and graphics. Advantages of this technique is more hygienic because the hand and cosmetic tool does not touch the skin of the face, and work faster. The result is ever more prevalent, more slick, more refined, especially in making gradations of color. Let this time we discussed two examples of brand that already provide this kind of makeup between Aeroblend vs Luminess.

Aeroblend vs Luminess

What do you get in one packaging of Aeroblend airbrush make up? In the kit you will find: 5 Aeroblend foundations of different colors to complement your natural skin tone, 2 Aeroblend airbrush blush, 1 Aeroblend highlighter, 1 Aeroblend bronzer, ultra-quiet compressor, double action airbrush stylus, hose, manual and customer support and 110V AC Plug. This airbrush makeup kit has everything you need if you want to be a part of airbrush makeup technology. With colors that match all skin types, its quick and easy application is a welcome proposition for the majority of women who want to do with their faces in minutes. Airbrush personal makeup starter kit is making traditional makeup that looks like an amateur. Fast, water-based and natural looking on your face. It offers complete coverage for acne, sunburns, redness and remains active for at least 10 hours. Stylus airbrush professional double action and very quiet compressor provides you with the necessary controls for fine spray, even a water base based mist. With this kit, only 5-7 drops are required. Another great thing is a full 1 year warranty and full customer support, which suits the users is very helpful and friendly. For that we give the applause for Aeroblend!

What is included in the Luminess airbrush kit making? There are two ultra-bottle bottles, one blush bottle, one bright shining skin bottle and one bottle of primer moisturizer. This is the Luminess of the “basic air kit” (not their pro version). It promises an easy and fast learning curve, and provides buyers with everything they need to start applying airbrushed makeup. To order a kit, you must first choose your skin color from five groups. The kit will then come with two different base colors that you can mix to achieve natural look. Luminess offers color matching service of people who have a hard time choosing; just upload the latest photos and submit them through their site to receive suggestions for your match. The Luminess website also offers the gift of “How to” video that runs the user through everything from their first time using the device, the basic applications of tips and advice from professionals, as well as advice for mature skin. Foundation used with air Luminess promoted as oil free and good for sensitive skin. Luminess claims applying makeup with their device has many benefits. (Read also :
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- Perfect for your makeup kit or trying all the colors!
- Comes with 8 Aeroblend Airbrush Minis (6ml each)
- Water based, long lasting, natural matte finish
- Natural color range. No orange tones
- Comes with a mix of Neutrals and Olives
- Get photo-quality, flawless looking skin with Luminess Air Airbrush System
- The Luminess Air Airbrush System is portable and durable, making it easy to travel with
- Achieve professional makeup artist results in your own home with the Luminess Air Airbrush System
- The Luminess Air Airbrush System is dermatologist tested and approved, and goes on easy without ever touching your face
- Using slow and circular motions The Luminess Air Airbrush System gives you a soft and precise makeup application each and every time you use it for a flawless look

We will give you two reason on each airbrush makeup, why they are recommended for you either for Aeroblend vs Luminess. Aeroblend is on the lower price point of the market and it might be winner because it comes from a very well-known manufacturer. On the other hand, if you want an oil-free, water-based cruelty-free makeup, then you will love the makeup included in the Luminess Air Basic Airbrush Kit.