Adidas Neo vs Stan Smith

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Choosing the right pair of shoes is also one crucial aspect to start the day. Besides the performance and durability, a shoe should also look great on your foot. You certainly want something that looks cool, fits well and comfortably, and lasts long.


Adidas Stan Smith has been considered as a legendary shoe model. First designed for the tennis legend Stan Smith in 1973, it now is a well-known fashion icon. However, there is now also Adidas Neo, which is available at a more affordable price point while having a similar look. So, which is the one you should go with?

Adidas Neo


Adidas Neo, as hinted by the name, is a new shoe design. In terms of appearance, Adidas Neo indeed looks very similar to Adidas Stan Smith. The body is predominantly colored in white. It is also made with high-quality materials, featuring a rich leather upper and stitched three-stripes. The textile lining and cloudfoam sockliner provide a convenient cushioning, whereas the vulcanized rubber outsole delivers a decent performance.

Adidas Stan Smith


Adidas Stan Smith was first made for the tennis legend Stan Smith in 1973. Since then, Adidas Stan Smith has become the icon of style and comfort. Overall, it has a low profile and an ultra-smooth surface, with the whole body typically colored in white. With the combination of full-grain leather, tonal rubber outsole, and subtle perforated three-stripes, Adidas Stan Smith delivers a pure and clean style while providing superior fit and comfort to the foot.

Adidas Neo vs Stan Smith

Adidas NeoAdidas Stan Smith
- Soft leather upper- Full-grain leather upper
- Textile lining- Synthetic lining
- Vulcanized rubber outsole- Tonal rubber outsole
- Stitched 3-stripes- Perforated 3-stripes providing air flow to the interior

See the differences between Adidas Neo vs Stan Smith on pictures :






Adidas Neo is a good budget version, delivering similarly elegant looks and excellent comfort. However, Adidas Stan Smith should always be your primary choice. The performance and comfort it provides are unmatched, and it is especially able to age better and last long.